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Albania (Europe > South-East Europe; Tirane)

Andorra (Europe > Western Europe; Andorra la Vella)

Armenia (Europe > Commonwealth of Independent States; Yerevan)

Austria (Europe > Western Europe; Vienna)

Azerbaijan (Europe > Commonwealth of Independent States; Baku)

Belarus (Europe > Commonwealth of Independent States; Minsk)

Belgium (Europe > Western Europe; Brussels)

Bosnia and Herzegovina (Europe > South-East Europe; Sarajevo)

Bulgaria (Europe > South-East Europe; Sofia)

Croatia (Europe > South-East Europe; Zagreb)

Cyprus (Europe > South-East Europe; Nicosia)

Czech Republic (Europe > Eastern Europe; Prague)

Denmark (Europe > Western Europe; Copenhagen)

Estonia (Europe > Baltic States; Tallinn)

Faroe Islands (Europe > Western Europe; )

Finland (Europe > Western Europe; Helsinki)

France (Europe > Western Europe; Paris)

Georgia (Europe > Commonwealth of Independent States; Tbilisi)

Germany (Europe > Western Europe; Berlin)

Gibraltar (Europe > Western Europe; Gibraltar)

Greece (Europe > South-East Europe; Athens)

Greenland (Europe > Western Europe; Nuuk )

Hungary (Europe > Eastern Europe; Budapest)

Iceland (Europe > Western Europe; Reykjavik)

Ireland (Europe > Western Europe; Dublin)

Isle of Man (Europe > Western Europe; Douglas)

Italy (Europe > Western Europe; Rome)

Kazakhstan (Europe > Commonwealth of Independent States; Astana)

Kyrgyzstan (Europe > Commonwealth of Independent States; Bishkek)

Latvia (Europe > Baltic States; Riga)

Liechtenstein (Europe > Western Europe; Vaduz)

Lithuania (Europe > Baltic States; Vilnius)

Luxembourg (Europe > Western Europe; Luxembourg City)

Macedonia (Europe > South-East Europe; Skopje)

Malta (Europe > South-East Europe; Valletta)

Moldova (Europe > Commonwealth of Independent States; Chisinau)

Monaco (Europe > Western Europe; Monaco)

Montenegro (Europe > South-East Europe; Podgorica)

Netherlands (Europe > Western Europe; The Hague)

Norway (Europe > Western Europe; Oslo)

Poland (Europe > Eastern Europe; Warsaw)

Portugal (Europe > Western Europe; Lisbon)

Romania (Europe > Eastern Europe; Bucharest)

Russia (Europe > Commonwealth of Independent States; Moscow)

San Marino (Europe > Western Europe; San Marino)

Serbia (Europe > South-East Europe; Belgrade)

Slovakia (Europe > Eastern Europe; Bratislava)

Slovenia (Europe > South-East Europe; Ljubljana)

Spain (Europe > Western Europe; Madrid)

Sweden (Europe > Western Europe; Stockholm)

Switzerland (Europe > Western Europe; Bern)

Tajikistan (Europe > Commonwealth of Independent States; Dushanbe)

Turkey (Europe > South-East Europe; Ankara)

Turkmenistan (Europe > Commonwealth of Independent States; Ashgabat)

Ukraine (Europe > Commonwealth of Independent States; Kiev)

United Kingdom (Europe > Western Europe; London)

Uzbekistan (Europe > Commonwealth of Independent States; Tashkent)

Vatican City (Europe > Western Europe; Vatican)

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