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My kids then (c. 1987) ... Lauren, Jonathan and Sally
Most children in school fail. ... Why do they fail? They fail because they are afraid, bored, and confused. They are afraid, above all else, of failing, of disappointing or displeasing the many anxious adults around them, whose limitless hopes and expectations for them hang over their heads like a cloud.

They are bored because the things they are given to do are so trivial, so dull and make such limited and narrow demands on the wide spectrum of their intelligence, capabilities and talents.

They are confused because most of the torrent of words that pours over them in school makes little or no sense. It often flatly contradicts other things they have been told, and hardly ever has any real relation to what they know - to the rough model of reality that they carry around in their minds.

From the forward of the book How Children Fail by John Holt.

This was written in 1964 but to a great degree I believe the argument still holds true today.

Egypt, Sinai, Kids from Dahab playing. Source: Google Video

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