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Out of the Crisis by W. Edwards Deming Edwards Deming was born in 1900. He was a US statistician and founding father of the quality movement. He was also responsible for instilling quality philosophy into post-war Japanese industry with his friend, Joseph Juran. Both were honoured by the Emperor with the Order of Sacred Treasure, second class, the highest Japanese award ever given to foreigners. William E Conway, Nashua president called him "The father of the Third Wave of the Industrial Revolution" referring to the way he developed statistical control of quality levels into a new way of managing business.

Thanks to his theories, several large corporations such as Ford Motor Company were able to over come intractable problems they were suffering in the 1970s.

Before this he trained to be an electrical engineer at the University of Wyoming and received a Ph.D. in mathematical physics at Yale. He then worked at the western Electric Howthorne plant in Chicago before becoming a statistician.

Some of his best known works are: Out of the Crisis, "The Deming Management Method" and "Quality, Productivity and Competitive Position." He died in 1993.

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  Drive out fear. Eliminate management by objective.
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  Out of the Crisis (1982) by W. Edwards Deming

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The W. Edwards Deming Institute

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Quotations from W. Edwards Deming:

 Eliminate numerical quotas, including Management by Objectives.

W. Edwards Deming, (1900 - 1993) Quality Guru
Out of the Crisis

 Practically all of our major corporations were started by technical men - inventors, mechanics, engineers, and chemists, who had a sincere interest in quality of products. Now these companies are largely run by men interested in profit, not product. Their pride is in the P&L statement or stock report.

W. Edwards Deming, (1900 - 1993) Quality Guru
Out of the Crisis

 Learning is not compulsory ... neither is survival.

W. Edwards Deming, (1900 - 1993) Quality Guru

 Two basic rules of life are: 1) Change is inevitable. 2) Everybody resists change.

W. Edwards Deming, (1900 - 1993) Quality Guru

 Our prevailing system of management has destroyed our people.

People are born with intrinsic motivation, self-respect, dignity, curiosity to learn, joy in learning.

The forces of destruction begin with toddlers -- a prize for the best Halloween costume, grades in school, gold stars -- and on up through the university.

On the job people, teams, and divisions are ranked, reward for the top, punishment for the bottom.

Management by Objectives, quotas, incentive pay, business plans, put together separately, division by division, cause further loss, unknown and unknowable.

W. Edwards Deming, (1900 - 1993) Quality Guru
W. Edwards Deming’s commentary on Peter Senge’s book,The Fifth Discipline (1990) 

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