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Country: Netherlands

Video: Gurteen Knowledge Cafe, NAB, Melbourne, October 2010

This is a short video of a Gurteen Knowledge Cafe that I facilitated for Peter Houlihan at the National Australia Bank in Melbourne in October 2010.

The session was captured on a flip cam without the use of a roving mic, so the sound is not clear and has had some extensive editing to fit into a short learning piece, but it gives a good idea of what the Cafe is all about. 

The question posed to the group as the "conversational seed" was "What if true leadership involves embracing complexity by widening the circle of involvement rather than restricting it?

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Annual Conference
  KM Legal Europe
Annual conference held in Amsterdam in late January each year

Blog Post
  KM Europe is relaunched
Posted to Gurteen Knowledge-Log by David Gurteen on 20 February 2013

  Anne Frank by Anne Frank 
The Diary of a Young Girl

  Amsterdam (Netherlands)

  Opening keynote address KM Legal Europe: Positive deviance – or how you might already have the answers!
KM Legal Europe 2013 
Ark Group, 23 - 24 Jan 2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Knowledge Cafe Story
  Knowledge Cafes at the ING Bank Academy 

  Club of Amsterdam

Media File
  Banner: KM Europe 2013

Past Event
Beyond Enterprise 2.0
Energizing your organization for performance and Change
24 - 25 Jan 2012, KGS Global 
Dorint Hotel Amsterdam Airport, Amsterdam, Netherlands

  Masterclass Knowledge Management
11 - 15 Jun 2012, DNV Knowledge Management advisory services 
Amsterdam, Netherlands

  Masterclass Knowledge Management
24 - 28 Sep 2012, DNV Knowledge Management Advisory Services 
Amsterdam, Netherlands

  4th Annual Pharmacovigilance & Risk Management Strategies Forum
23 - 24 Jan 2014, Fleming Europe 
Amsterdam, Netherlands

  Innovation through Customer Insight
23 Jan 2014, Forward Networking 
The Innovation Factory , Amsterdam, Netherlands

  Social Now Europe 2014
Tools for Workforce Collaboration
07 - 08 Apr 2014, Ana Neves (Knowman) 
Amsterdam, Netherlands

  Smart Workplace Design Summit
The Knowledge Worker's Productivity Powered by Design-Centric Environments
19 - 20 Mar 2015, Fleming Europe
Park Plaza Airport Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

  5th Corporate Universities and Corporate Le@rning Summit
24 - 26 Jun 2015, Fleming Europe 
Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

  KM Legal Europe 2016
Inspiring knowledge management best practice in the legal profession
20 - 21 Jan 2016, Ark Group
NH Carlton Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

  Smart Workspace Design Summit
06 - 08 Apr 2016, Fleming.
Amsterdam, Netherlands

  6th Annual Corporate Universities & Corporate Learning Summit
07 - 10 Jun 2016, Fleming.
Amsterdam, Netherlands

  Making gamification more scalable and measurable
08 - 09 Jun 2016, Fleming
Amsterdam, Netherlands

  KM Legal Europe 2017
18 - 19 Jan 2017, Ark Group
Amsterdam, Netherlands

  Fons Trompenaars Trompenaars Hampden-Turner

  George Pór Sociologist, business philosopher, writer & consultant


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