Learning to Fly (2001) by Chris Collison, Geoff Parcell

Practical Lessons from one of the World's Leading Knowledge Companies (Jan 2001)



Chris Collison; Geoff Parcell



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January 2001

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ISBN 184112124X 

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Learning to Fly (2001) 





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Learning to Fly by Chris Collison, Geoff Parcell This must be one of the best books on KM I've seen for a long time. <br><br>

What I love about it - is its lack of focus on technology. Yes - <a href ='http://www.gurteen.com/gurteen/gurteen.nsf/id/bp'>BP</a> are using technology in a big way - but it is just the enabler. The book focuses on the people side - building learning into an organization and on the concepts of the <a href ='http://www.gurteen.com/gurteen/gurteen.nsf/id/after-action-reviews'>After Action Review</a> (AAR) - 'Learn Before', 'Learn During' and 'Learn After'. <br><br>

Also see the <a href ="javascript:newsmallwindow('http://www.learning-to-fly.org')">Learning to Fly</a>&nbsp;<img src = '/gurteen/gurteen.nsf/id/L001750/$File/new-window.gif' border=0 width=8 height=9> website.

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  Learning to Fly (2001) (Jan 2001) by Chris Collison, Geoff Parcell
Practical Lessons from one of the World's Leading Knowledge Companies

  Learning to Fly (2004) (Oct 2004) by Chris Collison, Geoff Parcell
Practical knowledge management from leading and learning organisations

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