Treading Lightly by Karl-Erik Sveiby, Tex Scuthorpe

The hidden wisdom of the world’s oldest people (Jun 2006)



Karl-ErikáSveiby; Tex Scuthorpe 


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June 2006

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Treading Lightly by Karl-Erik Sveiby, Tex Scuthorpe

Treading Lightly - Karl-Erik Sveiby

Pictures from NW New South Wales, Australia, where the Nhunggabarra people once lived. It shows the difference in the country between today and times before the Europeans arrived. (5 mins)

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Australian Aboriginals taught themselves thousands of years ago how to build a sustainable society in our fragile landscape. In a unique collaboration, a Swedish knowledge management professor finds out from an Aboriginal cultural custodian how they did it, and what we can learn from them. We are consuming more than our earth can provide. In Australia, cities and towns struggle to maintain a reliable water supply, climate change triggers droughts which devastate farmland, and fish stocks are running low. It is increasingly clear that we are heading towards collapse if we don't change direction.

In this book, Karl-Erik Sveiby and Tex Skuthorpe show how traditional Aboriginal stories and paintings were used to convey knowledge from one generation to the next, about the environment, law and relationships. They reveal the hidden art of four-level storytelling, and discuss how the stories, and the way they were used, formed the basis for a sustainable society. They also explain ecological farming methods, and how the Aboriginal style of leadership created resilient societies.

Treading Lightly takes us on a unique journey into traditional Aboriginal life and culture, and offers a powerful and original model for building sustainable organisations, communities and ecologies. It is a compelling message for today's world.

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The hidden wisdom of the world’s oldest people

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