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Thailand like other countries has faced the challenges while stepping into the 21st Century especially the intense competition in the manufacturing and service sectors induced by the emergence of economic powerhouses such as China and India. 

Thailand has figured out how to cope with this intense competition. Of course, Thailand will not opt for purchasing cutting-edge technology to enhance production capacity, and gain lower unit price. Thailand will not participate in a price cutting battles either. Instead, Thailand establishes an organization namely Office of Knowledge Management and Development ” (The Office of Knowledge Management and Development: OKMD)

OKMD is neither a commercial organization nor one involved in any kind of trade promotion. The organization has been set up on the rationale to provide and share opportunity and intellect to Thai society. For this reason, all Thais are expected to have an equal opportunity in accessing all learning facilities in which can be used for their own career. It is a career which is not simply in a manufacturing, but in a production that we are able to compete, besides yield a better sales price. 

OKMD, legally endorsed by the Royal Thai Government, was established on June 18th 2004. OKMD has seven specialized organizations each being a separate entity under its roof with one key objective: to trigger new ideas and inspire creativities. 

OKMD is a state agency under The Office of the Prime Minister with the initiative based on the fundamental approach of opportunity & intellectual resources-dispersion for the people of the Kingdom of Thailand. OKMD stresses on its main mission: to enable all Thais to achieve equality of access and opportunity that will ensure freedom of learning. This knowledge acquisition procedure is a lifelong, self-learning process accumulated from public knowledge resource centers. Eventually, this will create the “new Thai blood” that are capable of coping with the world’s new circumstances and are influential on the Thai society to step towards the economic and social structural reforms on the basis of the Value Creation Economy at the fastest pace.

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Office of Knowledge Management and Development
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