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Video: Summary of Peer Assist

Peer Assists are events which bring together individuals to share their experiences, insights and knowledge on an identified challenge or problem.

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Gurteen Knowledge-Log, David Gurteen, 6 April 2005

  Liberty's Poet (Jan 2005) by H.S. Moore 
Emma Lazarus

  NewáYorkáCity (UnitedáStates > New York, NY)

An Interview with Jo Singel by David Gurteen

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  Knowledge Cafe 4 - Intelligent Machines and Network Analysis
Wed 05 Oct 2016, Gurteen Knowledge Management NYC
Rise New York , NewáYorkáCity, UnitedáStates

  BarucháLev Professor of Accounting & Finance, Stern School of Business, NYU

  CaroláGorelick Co-founder of Solutions for Information & Management Services, Inc


  On expressing feelings by JoáSingel

Would you like to learn how to run a Knowledge CafÚ?

If so, I am running a Knowledge CafÚ Masterclass witháCILIP in central London onáThursday 1st November 2018.

You can find full information here:áhttps://www.cilip.org.uk/page/KnowledgeCafe
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