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Multiple perspectives: electrons and people in an energy system

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Tue 10 May 2016




London, United Kingdom

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David Gurteen



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David Gurteen



I am sorry but this event is now fully booked.

Date: Tuesday 10th May 2016, 6:00pm - 9:00pm. This is a free event. Please arrive at 6:00pm or shortly after, which will give you time to settle in, meet other people and enjoy some light refreshments. The Cafe itself will start prompt at 6:30pm.

Theme: Multiple perspectives: electrons and people in an energy system

Electricity: We press a button when we need it, it's there 24/7. It has become a human right and necessity, and the mark of an industrialised society.

But we are currently having to invest billions in renewing our electricity infrastructure. Should we do this according to a centralised “predict and provide” approach? Or can we flip the idea, and invest in managing how much we need according to how much will be available? - What's the difference between building one new power plant, and every household getting an efficient fridge? And who decides which is better? - Politicians? Engineers? Businesses? Local authorities? You?

In a free-market economy, does people power exist at all, and if so, can it be harnessed? Is individual action more or less reliable than multi-billion pound investments in an uncertain world? And is there a model that can capture the whole system?

Join this Knowledge Café with Zoltan Zavody to learn more about people power in the operation of the electricity system, and to explore the systemic commonalities with the development of wider national infrastructure – be it transport, communications, health – in a 21st Century democracy.

Speaker: Zoltan Zavody, Sustainable Energy Consultant

Zoltan has some twenty years of experience working on sustainable energy issues, with most of this time spent on developing strategy and influencing policy. He started his career at an international NGO exploring the massive technical potential for energy efficiency in Central and East European countries at the time when these were transforming into more liberalised economies.

He spent twelve years in a variety of roles at the Energy Saving Trust, an organisation funded by Government to promote sustainable energy in households, and he was eventually responsible for setting strategic direction relating to energy use in housing, and influencing Government policy to this end.

After a period of consultancy on European sustainable energy policy, he led work on grid and system operation at the industry association representing wind, wave, and tidal energy generation in the UK. More recently he has been using his experience of national policy and programmes to campaign on local environmental issues.

This is a joint Knowledge Café for members of SciO - a group for systems practitioners focused primarily on systems practice and practitioners rather than on pure theory and on systems practice as applied to issues of organisation and the Gurteen London Knowledge Café.

Sponsor: Benjamin Taylor, Managing Partner, RedQuadrant

above the British Interplanetary Society
27-29 South Lambeth Road
London, SW8 1SZ

Directions & Map: Click here.

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