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Gurteen Knowledge Cafe (July 2016)


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Gurteen Knowledge


Tue 05 Jul 2016


British Dental Association 


London, United Kingdom

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David Gurteen



Knowledge Cafe



Date: Tuesday 5th Juy 2016, 6:00pm - 9:00pm. This is a free event. Please arrive at 6:00pm or shortly after, which will give you time to settle in and meet other people. There will be some light refreshments available. The cafe itself will start prompt at 6:30pm.

The Evening

I am always looking for ways to experiment with different formats of my Café.

Some of you may be familiar with the Café Debate format that I trialed recently at the KM Legal Conference in London. It was a big success.

And then there was the series of three Cafés I ran at St Ethelburga's in the City late last year entitled Do your little bit of good which worked well but not quite as well I had hoped.

You also may be aware of the Randomised Coffee Trials I am running in London to bring people together random to have coffee with each other once a month.

There is also my Espresso Café - a Café that can be run in 30 minutes which I had hoped to run at KM UK but because of illness had to drop out at the last minute. Ian Rodwell ran a slightly modified version that I am told went well.

But for a long time now I've had the idea of what I call a Serendipity Café in my head. It's the Serendipity Café that I'd like to experiment with on the evening.

Unlike my regular Cafés, there will not be a speaker and a single conversational theme for the evening. I want to create an environment where people can have a multitude of little conversations with lots of different people about all sorts of random things throughout the evening and see what emerges.

I haven't quite figured out the precise format yet, but I will have something together come the night. The idea is this:

What I would like each of you to do is to bring along one object with you. The object could be a book it could be a piece of jewelry, a toy, a magazine article, an ornament, a photograph or a clipping from a newspaper. Anything that appeals to you but ideally it should be something personal that has a story attached to it in some way. Something you can talk about. Something you feel passionate about.
As I say it does not matter what you bring along but bring along at least one such object.

My current plan is that after an initially extended round of speed conversations we each take a few seconds to say a few words and thus share our object with the room. Maybe I should call it a "show and tell" café. We will then continue the networking style conversations in twos or threes where we talk about the objects that we have bought along for the evening.

Finally, as with my regular Cafés, we will come together at the end and share what insights we have learned from the conversations and any serendipitous events that cause us to go away with something unexpected from the evening

So, if you're curious and if you're up for a bit of fun then to come along.

Sponsor: Roger Farbey of the British Dental Association

British Dental Association
64 Wimpole Street
London W1G8YS


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