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London Knowledge Cafe: How does the pace of innovation affect the quality of creativity?

Posted to Gurteen Mail Log by David Gurteen on 1 June 2013



London Knowledge Cafe: How does the pace of innovation affect the quality of creativity?
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Posted DateSaturday 1 June 2013 10:37 GDT
Posted ByDavid Gurteen
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To: Gurteen London Knowledge Cafe Members

I am pleased to invite you to my next London Knowledge Cafe at Westminster Business School on 2 July 2013. You will find more details and the registration form here.


The topic/question for the KCafe will be "How Does The Pace Of Innovation Affect The Quality Of Creativity?"

The speaker/facilitator is Andrew Armour. Some time ago Andrew attended one of my Knowledge Cafe Masterclasses and given his background in marketing he was inspired to create his own brand of Knowledge Cafe - the Marketing Cafe.

Take a look at one or two of his blog posts about his style of Cafe and his thoughts on conversation:
Given all of this passion, I am simply handling the evening over to him and I am looking forward to learn how he has adapted the Knowledge Cafe to his own ends. I gather talking with him that he adds music and tries to generate a higher buzz, faster pace event than my typical KCafes. So I am hugely looking forward to what should be a fun evening.

If you haven't been for a while then come along and bring a friend - just remember to ask for them to register on my site.

Best wishes David

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You can find more information and register here: https://www.cilip.org.uk/page/KnowledgeCafe
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