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Open Space Learning Workshop

Learn about the process of Open Space, then join colleagues for a conference about facilitation


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Workshop / Seminar / Training


Lisa Heft

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07 - 09 May 2016


Hub Donostia at Tabakalera


Donostia/ an Sebastian, Spain


Open Space Technology



Open Space Learning Workshop - a workshop for people of all levels of experience (see below)
For more information on content, schedule, pricing and to register, contact me directly at [email protected]
May 7-8-9, 2016 - Donostia / San Sebastián, Spain --
before the 4th European Open Space Learning Exchange
Donostia has been chosen as the 2016 European Capital of Culture - promoting culture and dialogue for coexistence.
Join us for dialogue and learning.
This workshop will be taught in English - however I can explain to those who need it in Spanish, as well.
For those of you new to this process for facilitating groups:
Imagine a dialogue process that cannot be broken by someone standing up and going on and on, by someone leaving or returning to a discussion, or by only one person sitting in a breakout session.
You may have heard of Open Space or participated in something called Open Space or 'an unconference' and wondered why it did not work - or whether it was really this complete and effective form. Or you may have experienced something that sparked your interest as you watched a group self-organize in a highly productive process - and wondered if it was this thing called Open Space.
For those of you who already facilitate Open Space or who have attended other workshops:
I invite you to join us to dive deeper. To share not =that= you do something differently or in a similar way, but instead =why= we may set up, design, say things or facilitate differently from one another or similarly to each other.
Topics of exploration in this workshop include exploring power dynamics, lessons learned about adding to, changing or compressing the full-form process, questions for you and your client, finding more time for OS, using OS for conflict transformation, invitation text and strategy that broadens access and inclusion, documentation design, variations and more.
For more information on schedule, pricing overview and registration, contact me directly at [email protected]
Most of us in this workshop will also be attending the European Open Space Learning Exchange conference, on May 10-13.
The two are separate events, with separate registration and pricing. The conference is not a training - therefore if you have not yet experienced Open Space we recommend you take the May 7-9 workshop first.
Contact me for more information about the European Open Space Learning Exchange conference.
I look forward to sharing learning with you,

Lisa Heft
Consultant, Facilitator, Educator
Opening Space
- President Emerita, Open Space Institute US
- Fellow Emerita, Columbia University Center for International Conflict Resolution
- Legacy Fellow, Seven Generation Labs

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