Gurteen Knowledge Letter: Issue 215 - May 2018


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Gurteen Knowledge Letter: Issue 215 - May 2018


  1. Introduction to the May 2018 Knowledge Letter
  2. Knowledge Management Matters: Creativity and Innovation
  3. Cognitive Edge and Code Genesys to Combine Operations
  4. We live in a hyperconnected, socio-technical world
  5. Flip charts and butcher paper get in the way of the conversation
  6. Henley Forum: Advanced Course in KM
  7. Gurteen Knowledge Tweets: May 2018
  8. Upcoming Knowledge Events
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  10. The Gurteen Knowledge Letter

Introduction to the May 2018 Knowledge Letter

A question you may like to reflect on this month :-)

What kind of conversation do you like?

Here a few thoughts to get you thinking:
Oh, the comfort - the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person - having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all right out, just as they are, chaff and grain together; certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and then with the breath of kindness blow the rest away.

The kind of conversation I like is one where I don't feel the need to censor anything I say!

Credit: David Gurteen

The kind of conversation I like is one in which you are prepared to emerge a slightly different person

Knowledge Management Matters: Creativity and Innovation

I mentioned a month or two back a new book Knowledge Management Matters: By Practitioners for Practitioners written by a number of well known KM practitioners and edited by John and JoAnn Girard.

The book is free and you can download it from here.

John Girard tells me that about 1000 people have downloaded a copy of the book already and that they are in the process of developing a series of companion videos, the first of which is now available on YouTube.

For those of you who know John, you are in for a treat, he has shaved off his beard :-)

Cognitive Edge and Code Genesys to Combine Operations

You may not have heard that Cognitive Edge and Code Genesys have announced a merger of their business operations.

The new company will be known as Cognitive Edge. Ajay Reddy of Code Genesys will be CEO of the merged company and Dave Snowden, cofounder of the original Cognitive Edge, will be Chief Scientific Officer. See the press release.

I have been a huge admirer of Dave's work now for more years than I care to remember and wish him all the best in this new venture.

And it's good to see Dave taking part in a World Café in Zurich in September.

We live in a hyperconnected, socio-technical world

As I write my blook on Conversational Leadership, I find myself capturing fragments of ideas that I know will get refined and fit in somewhere in due course.

Here is one such fragment:

We are not separate from the world.

We are integrally connected.

We are each a node of one huge global network.

It is as if we are all attached by a large number of elastic bands to a multitude of other nodes: people, things, places, and history.

We live in a hyper-connected, socio-technical world.

Every node pulls on us, and we, in turn, pull on everything else.

It is this dynamic network that shapes us and determines our behaviour far more than any conscious, rational decisions.

Flip charts and butcher paper get in the way of the conversation

One of the fundamental principles of the Knowledge Café is that anything that gets in the way of the free flow of the conversation is a bad thing and should be eliminated.

Another principle is that everyone is equal.

Flip charts and butcher paper on tables contravene both of these principles, and in general in a Knowledge Café, you should avoid their use.

Take a look here if you would like to learn more on my rationale for this. Comments and feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Henley Forum: Advanced Course in KM

The Henley Forum for Organisational Learning and Knowledge Strategies (known as the Henley Forum) has an Advanced Course in KM coming up on 10 – 11 July 2018 run by Chris Collision. It is open to non-members. If you are interested contact Marina Hart - her details are on the webpage.

They also have one of their regular Henley Forum meetings on 27 June 2018, which non-members can attend as guests and get a taste of the Forum.

The Henley Business School campus on the banks of the River Thames is delightful any time of the year but in the summer is quite beautiful.

Gurteen Knowledge Tweets: May 2018

Here are some of my more popular recent tweets. Take a look, if you are not a Tweeter, you will get a good idea of how I use it by browsing the list of micro-posts.

  • Mankind's greatest achievements have come about by talking, and its greatest failures by not talking. It doesn't have to be like this. – Stephen Hawking https://buff.ly/2kpxuZ9 #ConversationalLeadership

  • “What a shame that we appear to be losing the ability to have interesting, purposeful conversations with people about how we all respond to our challenges.” https://buff.ly/2GMuZc9 #ConversationalLeadership

  • Conversations for Understanding – the Amway RealTalk Approach https://buff.ly/2wVjZcZ #ConversationalLeadership

  • “Think about a conversation you have with a friend over a cup of coffee. It flows from one topic to another; ideas spark spontaneously. A conversation is alive and interesting, and sometimes even a little dangerous.” https://buff.ly/2rVSB9W #ConversationalLeadership

  • The 32-Million Word Gap https://buff.ly/2GBh88N #ConversationalLeadership

  • Oracy and dialogic skills: the power of the spoken word https://buff.ly/2Kjp2Wp #ConversationalLeadership

  • Building Connection Through Meaningful Conversation https://buff.ly/2KT7DFe #ConversationalLeadership

  • How Curiosity Creates Real Conversation https://buff.ly/2rCGDB1 #ConversationalLeadership

  • From Download to Dialogue: Building conversational leadership | simply-communicate https://buff.ly/2KPgach #ConversationalLeadership

  • “If you really want a Learning Organisation you must build the capacity to change the internal dialogue.” https://buff.ly/2GCGfsz #ConversationalLeadership

  • Conversational Leadership: a communication tool to lead and influence organisations https://buff.ly/2jLzPxg #ConversationalLeadership /a really good article written in 2009 by Jürgen Oschadleus @jurgen_o introducing the concept of Conversational Leadership

  • Team Building in the Cafeteria - there's a special kind of intimacy involved in sharing a meal https://buff.ly/2s7U3VQ #ConversationalLeadership

If you like the Tweets then subscribe to my Tweet stream.

Upcoming Knowledge Events

Here are some of the major KM events taking place around the world in the coming months and ones in which I am actively involved. You will find a full list on my website where you can also subscribe to both regional e-mail alerts and RSS feeds which will keep you informed of new and upcoming events.

Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum
10 - 12 Jun 2018, Winnipeg, Canada

What can you do to make your Workplace Happier?
Thu 21 Jun 2018, London, United Kingdom

Advanced KM Course
10 - 11 Jul 2018, Henley on Thames, United Kingdom

TAKE 2018 - Multidisciplinary Conference on Theory and Applications in the Knowledge Economy
12 - 13 Jul 2018, Poznan, Poland

9th Knowledge Management International Conference
25 - 27 Jul 2018, Sarawak, Malaysia

Knowledge Management Australia 2018: Sydney Edition
01 - 02 Aug 2018, Sydney, Australia

Thirteenth International Conference on Knowledge Management in Organisations
06 - 10 Aug 2018, Žilina, Slovakia

Knowledge Management Australia 2018: Canberra Edition
08 - 09 Aug 2018, Canberra, Australia

Knowledge Management South Africa: 2018 Convention:
22 - 24 Aug 2018, Gauteng, South Africa

19th European Conference on Knowledge Management
06 - 07 Sep 2018, Padua, Italy

13th European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship
20 - 21 Sep 2018, Aveiro, Portugal

The 9th International Conference on Innovation and Knowledge Management in Asia Pacific (IKMAP2018)
31 Oct - 02 Nov 2018, Hangzhou, China

KM World 2018
06 - 08 Nov 2018, Washington DC, United States


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