Charles Handy

(b. 1932) Social Philosopher & Management Consultant



Author, Consultant, Speaker


Business Management; Knowledge Economy


United Kingdom, London


Books by Charles Handy 


Books by Charles Handy 


Charles Handy

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Charles Handy
Charles Handy is widely recognised as Europe's best known and most influential management thinker. He was born in Ireland in 1932 - the son of a Protestant clergyman. He says his home background played an important key in his development: "It gave me a slightly irreverent streak and a tendency to ask why?" He is noted for his studies of organizations and his far reaching ideas on the future work and business structures. He is the author of several highly acclaimed business books, including the, The Hungry Spirit. He was educated at Oxford and worked as an economist in the City of London.

He says that his strongest influence was Warren Bennis who he met when at MIT. "Bennis is my godfather" he once said. He has been an executive with Shell International Oil Company and a professor at the London School of Business. He launched and directed the "Sloan Management Program" and his first book was "Understanding Organizations" followed soon after by "Gods of Management."

More recently he has moved into non-managerial fields of study, concerning himself with ethics, values and corporate issues beyond the bottom line.

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  The Hungry Spirit (Feb 1999) by Charles Handy
Beyond Capitalism : A Quest for Purpose in the Modern World

  Waiting for the Mountain to Move (1995) by Charles Handy
And Other Reflections on Life

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  Charles Handy (b. 1932) Social Philosopher & Management Consultant

  On educational curriculums by Charles Handy (b. 1932) Social Philosopher & Management Consultant

Quotations from Charles Handy:

 Instead of a national curriculum for education, what is really needed is an individual curriculum for every child

Charles Handy, (b. 1932) Social Philosopher & Management Consultant
The Age of Unreason 

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