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Build something cool in 24 hours

Posted to Gurteen Knowledge-Log by David Gurteen on 25 August 2005



Build something cool in 24 hours
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Posted DateThursday 25 August 2005 08:00 GDT
Posted ByDavid Gurteen
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This idea is brilliant! Here is the notion according to Kathy Sierra.
The notion is this: stick people in a house for 48 hours, with a goal to have something created at the end. Depending on the nature of the goal, participants may be collaborating (like building a game together) or working alone (musicians composing, writers writing, etc.). The key is the process--a process that forces you to suppress the "inner judges" that stifle creativity, and gives you not just permission but an order to create as much as possible, as fast as possible... even if what you end up with is 97% crap.
But never mind game builders or musicians (though its perfect for them) - what about using the technique in an organizational context- organizations could use this too and I am not just thinking of programmers - what could accounts or customer support do?

And I wonder if I could use it in a knowledge cafe setting - that is I have 30 people for 2 hrs in a room together one evening - what could we attempt to create together in that time. mmmm could it be done? This is worth thinking on. If anyone has any ideas or experience of doing something similar in a k-cafe or organizational setting I'd be interested to know. Just post back a comment so everyone can see it.

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