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Six Reasons You Should Consider Reading Poetry

Posted to Gurteen Knowledge-Log by David Gurteen on 22 February 2009



Six Reasons You Should Consider Reading Poetry
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Posted DateSunday 22 February 2009 13:37 GMT
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One of the reasons I love Twitter is that I trip across little gems like this one on poetry tweeted by Mary Abraham.

I have little artistic or literary inclination and my knowledge of poetry is limited though there are still one or two poems that I was forced to learn at school that I can still recite almost word for word such as: The Burial of Sir John Moore after Corunna by Charles Wolf and Adlestrop by Edward Thomas.

The joys of a Grammar School education! My old boys Grammar School in Worcester has recently merged with the Alice Ottley, a private girls school, to create the RGS Worcester & The Alice Ottley School Family. And to think in my day they did everything possible to keep us away from the girls but on the other hand my first serious girlfriend at 17 was from the Alice Ottley. LOL.

But I thought I'd share with a poem that has been my favorite for over 40 years.
With Annie gone,
whose eyes to compare
with the morning sun?
Not that I did compare,
But I do compare
Now that she's gone.
Couldn't get much shorter but sums up so much in life.

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