Gurteen Knowledge Cafe Stories


I am starting to collect stories about Knowledge Cafes that can inspire people to run their own and to provide some good examples of how they might be used to good business purpose.

If you have any stories of your own I would love to hear from you.

Gurteen Knowledge Cafe: SMARTlab at the University of East London

Knowledge Cafés as KM Tools. KM India 2010

Gurteen Knowledge Cafe at KMPAP 2006 in Hong Kong
Introduction to the Knowledge Cafe, Greenwich 2006
KM Egypt, Cairo, 2010
About the Gurteen Knowledge Cafe, 2009

Gurteen-style Knowledge Cafes: An Alternative Approach to Learning and Networking 
David Gurteen talks to Knowledge@SMU about his views on knowledge sharing, learning & networking

Knowledge Cafes at StatoilHydro by Brita Træbakken 
Helping retain knowledge from retiring employees

How was it for you?  by Tony Jameson-Allen 
Gurteen Knowledge Café -September 2008, London

NGC marks 100 years of oil with Knowledge Cafe 
Public Knowledge Cafes at Trinidad & Tobago Oil & Gas

London Knowledge Cafe Stories  by Matthew Rees 
Several short blog posts on Gurteen Knowledge Cafes held in London

Use of Knowledge Café in IMaCS by Kate Muir 
Australian Department of Human Services

DDB Health Knowledge Cafe by Rachel Hatfield 
A Knowledge Cafe to promote dialogue amongst medical practitioners

No one has ever asked me what I thought by Louise van Rhyn 
Engaging people through conversation

Knowledge Cafes at Ericsson by Steve Yanko 
Knowledge Cafes at Ericsson Australia

Knowledge Cafes at the ING Bank Academy 

Welcome to Café CRM where conversation is served by Manti Grobler 

The story of Cafe CRM in Cape Town - 15 April 2011 by Manti Grobler 

The story of Cafe CRM in Johannesburg, 13 April 2011 by Manti Grobler 

If you are interested in Knowledge Management, the Knowledge Café or the role of conversation in organizational life then you my be interested in this online book I am writing on Conversational Leadership
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