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Ikujiro Nonaka

Professor in Knowledge at the Haas School of Business



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Books by Ikujiro Nonaka 


Books by Ikujiro Nonaka 


Ikujiro Nonaka

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Ikujiro Nonaka 



Ikujiro Nonaka is the Xerox Distinguished Professor in Knowledge at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. He is also the Founding Dean of the Graduate School of Knowledge Science at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST).

He has authored and coauthored several books, including The Knowledge-Creating Company with Hirotaka Takeuchi . He has also written articles in academic and managerial journals both in Japan and overseas. He edits several international journals and designs international seminars for managers.

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  Enabling Knowledge Creation (May 2000) by Georg Von Krogh , Kazuo Ichijo , Ikujiro Nonaka
How to Unlock the Mystery of Tacit Knowledge and Release the Power of Innovation

  Hitotsubashi on Knowledge Management (Jan 2004) by Hirotaka Takeuchi , Ikujiro Nonaka

  Knowledge Horizons (2000) by Charles Despres , Daniele Chauvel 
The Present and the Promise of Knowledge Management

  The Knowledge-Creating Company (1995) by Ikujiro Nonaka, Hirotaka Takeuchi 
How Japanese Companies Create the Dynamics of Innovation

  Ikujiro Nonaka Professor in Knowledge at the Haas School of Business

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