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Göran Roos
Göran Roos is Visiting Professor of Intangible Asset Management and Performance Measurement at the Centre for Business Performance at Cranfield University, part-time visiting teaching professor at the Helsinki School of Economics/JOKO (Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management) as well as part-time visiting Intellectual Capital Adjunct at Melbourne Business School, Mt. Eliza Centre for Executive Education.

He was for many years part-time Industrial Professor of Strategy and Internationalisation at the Norwegian School of Management in Oslo. He has been a Visiting Research Associate in technology-based business development at the Institute for Policy Science located at the University of Saitama Campus Kita-Urawa, Japan and in Biotechnology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, and in Intellectual Capital at Henley Management College.

Göran is the founder of Intellectual Capital Services Ltd. (London) [a leading think tank on methodologies for the identification, management and measurement of intangibles], and the co-founder of AssetEconomics Inc. (New York, London, Melbourne) [an organisation focused on measuring and managing intangibles for shareholder value] and Hands and Minds Ltd (Melbourne) [a joint venture with the De Bono Institute on Real Time Strategy Identification and Implementation Processes furthering the work of Imagination Academy in Switzerland].

Göran is one of the founders of modern intellectual capital science and a recognised world expert in this field. He is the author and co-author of numerous books and articles on Intellectual Capital and Strategy many of which have been given awards.

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  Managing Intellectual Capital in Practice (Mar 2006) by Göran Roos, Stephen Pike , Lisa Fernstrom 

  Göran Roos Director of Intellectual Capital Services

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