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Leading the Revolution by Gary Hamel




Gary Hamel



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ISBN 1578511895 

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The Future of Management


Leadership; New Ways of Working; Personal Knowledge Management; Soloing

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Leading the Revolution by Gary Hamel
"Leading the Revolution is for everyone who has the guts to act on the knowledge that our heritage is no longer our destiny. With a compelling message that will set the new innovation agenda for the next century, this groundbreaking book from the premier business thinker of our time is a call to arms for the dreamers and doers who will lead us into the age of revolution."

From the fly-cover of the book

David Gurteen's comments: As you may have gathered this is a motivational book written in an evangelistic style which may not be to everyone's taste. This shows up clearly in the reviews on Amazon. People love it or hate it. Personally I enjoyed it - it is an easy fun read even though it means the book is maybe twice as long as it need be to get across its basic messages. It is also full of pictures and quotes which for me added greatly to its readability.

The book is fundamentally a wake up call to everyone within an organization - the message being that innovation comes from individuals who dare to think differently. I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone whatever their level in an organization.

Video: BLU Lesson 3: How measures distort behaviour by David Gurteen

One of six BLU lessons on 'how measures distort behaviour' by David Gurteen.

In April 2005, BLU, the UK's Business Link University which no longer exists hired Fifty Lessons  to produce a series of video stories for them to which I (David Gurteen) was invited to contribute. This is one of those stories.

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