Smart KM Model by Allam Ahmed, Mohamed Elhag

An Integrated Knowledge Management Framework for Organizational Excellence (Aug 2014)



Allam Ahmed ; Mohamed Elhag 


World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD)





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August 2014

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ISBN 190710660X 


Knowledge Management

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Smart KM Model 





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Smart KM Model by Allam Ahmed, Mohamed Elhag ‘Smart KM Model' provides an integrated Knowledge Management framework to help organisations achieve excellence. Aimed at managers of corporations and government policy makers, ‘Smart KM Model' is not just a book that provides information, but a tool to help ensure KM becomes part of organizational culture. Drawing on their own research, and synthesizing the work of others in the area, the book discusses the process of managing knowledge within organizations including the creation, acquisition, transfer and use of knowledge, both within and between organizations.

Using case studies to elucidate discussions, the authors demonstrate the transformative potential of Knowledge Management to deliver organisational excellence, if strategically embedded.

Smart KM Model offers insight into Knowledge Management processes; the challenges in introducing effective Knowledge Management regime, and offers the ‘Smart KM Model as a tool to overcome challenges.

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  Smart KM Model (August 2014) by Allam Ahmed , Mohamed Elhag 
An Integrated Knowledge Management Framework for Organizational Excellence

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