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We need to think about saving ourselves

Posted to Gurteen Knowledge-Log by David Gurteen on 28 August 2011



We need to think about saving ourselves
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Posted DateSunday 28 August 2011 20:39 GDT
Posted ByDavid Gurteen

I would like to introduce you to two bloggers whom you may find interesting to follow. I started following their blog posts some years ago when they were more focused on KM. Today, many of their posts are seemingly of a different nature. I'll warn you now, you may not agree with what they have to say, they may even anger you. But they have some interesting perspectives on the state of the world and our future.

Rob, has got me thinking about food and diet and the effect on our health of the huge quantities of processed foods that we now eat and that we may be being advised wrongly. He has influenced me to try the Paleo Diet. I have lost 15 lbs (7kgs) in about 2 months (another 15 lbs to go) and I feel much better for it.

Dave, on the other hand, has prompted me to start to think more deeply about the sustainability of our way of life and the global economy. In the UK for example, we are possibly only Nine Meals from Anarchy. Some people see Dave's posts as being negative and defeatist as he believes that we cannot avoid the collapse of our global civilisation during this century and that we need to prepare and adapt for it.

No one is good at predicting the future, Dave may be right, he may be wrong. You don't have to like or agree with what Dave is saying but you should read his posts (they are long) and think about it for yourself.

The one thing is certain. We cannot go on as we are much longer. Even if things don't totally collapse, we are entering a period of great turmoil and change. We all need to start to think about it and plan for it as best we can.

I started off by saying both these gentleman started out blogging about KM. To my mind, they still are. We have so much information and knowledge about what is going on our world but the challenge is to make sense of it all and to make better decisions. This is the essence of KM. So Rob's and Dave's blog posts are not too surprising.

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