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Public parts and the value of oversharing

Posted to Gurteen Knowledge-Log by David Gurteen on 25 June 2010



Public parts and the value of oversharing
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Posted DateFriday 25 June 2010 09:33 GDT
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In this post on Public Parts, Jeff Jarvis talks about his next book of the same title and about the end of privacy and the benefits of publicness.

In it, he quotes Steven Johnson's article In Praise of Oversharing in Time:
We are discovering in this new realm that public exposure is not just a matter of egotism or idle voyeurism. This past year, several friends of mine have blogged their way through their battles with cancer. By taking their ordeal to the valley, they got valuable advice from strangers who posted comments and helped form an online support group — and an archive that could help future patients who happen upon it via cancer-related queries on Google. One of my friends -- writer Jeff Jarvis, now happily in good health -- talks about his experience as a lesson in the virtues of publicness. The Constitution may not contain an explicit reference to the right to privacy, but the notion that privacy is worth cherishing and protecting needs little justification. What Jarvis suggests is that the opposite condition needs its defenders: oversharing, in a strange way, can turn out to be a civic good.

Credit: In Praise of Oversharing by Steven Johnson,Time

As you know, I am often quoted as an example of a good knowledge sharer. There is not a lot I won't talk about in this newsletter, blog or website but I do tend to keep my intimate personal life to myself - no problem talking about my family etc but would I, could I, say talk about a battle with a serious illness? I am not so sure. But the above gives good reason to be more open and more public in our most intimate thoughts and private lives. Worth reflecting on :-)

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