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PhotoSync: Syncs my Flickr Photos to Facebook

Posted to Gurteen Knowledge-Log by David Gurteen on 27 April 2011



PhotoSync: Syncs my Flickr Photos to Facebook
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Posted DateWednesday 27 April 2011 09:04 GDT
Posted ByDavid Gurteen

I usually take lots of photos at conferences and my knowledge cafes and for some years have been uploading them to Flickr. Some time ago, I regretted doing that as Facebook is by far the most social place to upload photos. Not only do more people get to see them on Facebook but the ability to tag the people in the photos is just brilliant.

But what should I do? It would take me an age to upload all my past Flickr photos to Facebook and in any case, Flickr made a much better backup for my photos as it held them at full resolution. So I continued to upload my photos to Flickr and just a select few to Facebook. Up until the other day, that is, when I discovered PhotoSync.

This is just an amazing little program. I connect it to my Flickr and Facebook accounts; tell it what sets (folders) of photos I want to sync and then it just goes away and syncs my Flickr photos with Facebook. Awesome! So if you are following me on Facebook and have seen all the photos pop up ... its all down to PhotoSync.

The app seems a little buggy right now ... I get a number of error messages every time I use it but despite the messages it still seems to work!

I love it! And I have a lot more photos to copy across ... just doing a few folders at a time for now. I also have a whole backlog of photos I have not uploaded. Maybe I have a litle more motivation now.

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