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Can you measure personality?

Posted to Gurteen Knowledge-Log by David Gurteen on 26 September 2009



Can you measure personality?
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Posted DateSaturday 26 September 2009 23:03 GDT
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You may have noticed that over recent months that I have often referred to Stephen Billing in my newsletter or tweeted some of his posts. I found Steve only a few months back when I stumbled over his blog and instantly liked his work, what he had to say and the values he stood for and so it was a delight to have dinner with him the other evening in Wellington (thanks Stave for such an excellent meal and great conversation).

This is the power of the web ... I get to meet someone in cyberspace literally half-a-world-away and form a relationship that is later, often much later, cemented in a face to face meeting.

Here is another recent post from Stephen Personality Profiles -- Measuring an Inner Essence that Doesn’t Exist?. Its that thorny old issue again ... "What is measurable and what is not and do attempts to measure certain things cause more harm than good?"

Steve is not the only one who does not like the idea of "putting people in boxes". Dave Snowden thinks that a special place in Hell should be reserved for the creators and perpetrators of what he considers the worst of these psychometric tests such as Myers Briggs. LOL

Personally, I find these tests a bit of fun; they do give a glimmer into people's personalities and are great for triggering reflection and conversation but they shouldn't be taken too seriously.

What do you think? There are some views here.

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