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Guy Kawasaki on Kiva

Posted to Gurteen Knowledge-Log by David Gurteen on 29 November 2007



Guy Kawasaki on Kiva
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Posted DateThursday 29 November 2007 09:24 GMT
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I recently wrote about how I had made a small loan through a website called Kiva to help a young woman in Bulgaria buy a cow.

Well Kiva is getting a lot of attention. Guy Kawasaki has just blogged about the Lessons of Kiva having read an article in Stanford Magazine - Small Change - Big Payoff.

The founders of Kiva, Matt and Jessica Flannery, like Muhammad Yunus of the Grameen Bank got a lot of advise that their microfinance idea would not work but they pushed ahead anyway despite all the hurdles. This is an inspirational story of how two young people are making a difference in the world.

And talking of making a difference the Stanford Magazine article ends with the wonderful Starfish story that I posted a version of on my website way back in 2001.

Video: Muhammad Yunus awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

International Forum Social Entrepreneurship Award: Honoring Muhammad Yunus.

Professor Yunus  and Grameen Bank  have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize .

See here  for much more about his work and a slew of links from Dina Mehta . (1hr 7mins)

David Gurteen's comments: One of the things that I love about Dr Yunus' talk is his concept of the "social business" - a business not with the objective of making a profit but one of doing "social good" but "not for loss".

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