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8th European Conference on Intellectual Capital ECIC 2016

ECIC 2016


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12 - 13 May 2016


Ca' Foscari University of Venice


Venice, Italy



Welcome to ECIC 2016 at the Ca' Foscari University of Venice

The conference will be located in the stunning city of Venice in the northeastern of Italy in the Region of Veneto. Historically, the Republic of Venice was a major maritime power during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Venice has been a wealthy city throughout most of its history. The economic power of Venice fostered the development of importantartistic movements that you can enjoy simply by walking through the city.

Commonly known as one of the most beautiful and must-see cities in the world, Venice represents a very special and unique venue for the 8th European Conference on Intellectual Capital. Indeed, at the end of 15 century Fra Luca Pacioli published in Venice his book “Summa de arithmetica, geometria. Proportioni et proportionalita.” This book is well-known for including the first published description of the method of bookkeeping that Venetian merchants used during the Italian Renaissance, that we now call double-entry accounting.

Today, economies are more complicated. Globalization, innovation and the development of new technologies create new challenges and opportunities for companies, public bodies and countries. Scholars, managers and policy makers must engage with the challenges of the economy of the third millennium, and in doing so the complexity of these knowledge-based economies requires the development of new forms of accounting. Therefore, the accounting for Intellectual Capital is continually important as is recognized by scholars, managers and policy makers. Thus, ECIC 2016 is your opportunity to engage this dialogue by presenting research, theory and application in the field of accounting for Intellectual Capital, right where the history of accounting began.

ECIC 2016 will be your opportunity for the presentation of research, theory, application, practice and validation in the field of Intellectual Capital. In addition, you will be able to enjoy the historical coastal city of Venice.

Today, almost 80% of economic value creation is based on intangible resources. However, most organizations still do not have appropriate management practices that reveal the value of these resources and how to give direction to future value creation. Intellectual Capital gives intangibles ‘a body' and therefore makes it possible to measure, communicate and interpret the outcomes.

Successfully managing intellectual capital has emerged as a key discipline to explain organizational learning and innovation. The main role of new ICT (Web 2.0/3.0, collaborative technologies 2.0, social networking tools, wikis, internal blogging, etc.) is to help people share knowledge through common platforms and electronic storage. As social networks are a source for intellectual capital, these networks should be fostered and controlled to measure, communicate and interpret the outcomes.

However, most organizations still do not have appropriate management practices that reveal the value of these resources and how to give direction to future value creation. At ECIC 2016 we are keen to encourage contributions that deal with the acquisition, creation and sharing of collective intelligence through social networks and communities of knowledge. Measuring and notifying the “unknown” and how to take advantage of social networks. Intellectual Capital, Learning Organisations and complexity; How to utilize increased academic knowledge and networking in promoting economic and organizational innovations and changes - and does it lead to practical and functioning solutions?

The advisory group for the conference welcomes both academic and practitioner papers on a wide range of topics and a wide range of scholarly approaches including theoretical and empirical papers employing qualitative, quantitative and critical methods.

Academic research, case studies and work-in-progress/posters are welcomed approaches. PhD Research, proposals for roundtable discussions or knowledge cafés, non-academic contributions and commercial product demonstrations. based on the main themes are also invited. You can find full details of the requirements for the various submission options in the submission types document (.pdf format). Papers accepted for the conference will be published in the conference proceedings, subject to author registration and payment. Prizes will be awarded for the best Poster and best PhD paper.

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