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Tom Davenport gets KM2.0!

Posted to Gurteen Knowledge-Log by David Gurteen on 22 February 2008



Tom Davenport gets KM2.0!
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Posted DateFriday 22 February 2008 15:17 GMT
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Tom Davenport has grocked that Enterprise 2.0 is the new KM that is KM 2.0. Here is an except from a post entitled Enterprise 2.0: The New Knowledge Management? from his blog in the Harvard Business Blogs.
Still, that E2.0 is the new KM didn’t hit me for a while. But when Andy said the ultimate value of E2.0 initiatives consists of greater responsiveness, better “knowledge capture and sharing,” and more effective “collective intelligence,” there wasn’t much doubt. When he talked about the need for a willingness to share and a helpful attitude, I remembered all the times over the past 15 years I’d heard that about KM.
and later
I admit to a mild hostility to the hype around Enterprise 2.0 in the past. I have reacted in a curmudgeonly fashion to what smelled like old wine in new bottles. But I realized after hearing Andy talk that he was an ally, not a competitor. If E2.0 can give KM a mid-life kicker, so much the better. If a new set of technologies can bring about a knowledge-sharing culture, more power to them. Knowledge management was getting a little tired anyway.
This echos my own thoughts on KM2.0. The concept of KM 2.0 may just be starting to roll.

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