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Achieving Business Objectives by David Gurteen
We should be talking about Achievement Management - not Knowledge Management
Hide details for After Action ReviewAfter Action Review
Evangelising Knowledge Management by David Gurteen
Introduction to After Action Reviews by David Gurteen
Hide details for AwarenessAwareness
Knowledge Management and Real Conversation by David Gurteen
Hide details for ChangeChange
A word of advice: stop selling the 100% solution to experts by Victor Newman
The Global Knowledge Review - November 2004
Hide details for CollaborationCollaboration
Creating a Knowledge Sharing Culture by David Gurteen
Article I wrote for Knowledge Management Magazine in 1999
Hide details for Communities of PracticeCommunities of Practice
Knowledge Café on 'The role of conversation in business' - Wed 16 Oct 2002 by Anna McAvoy 
Hide details for CompetenciesCompetencies
Knowledge, Creativity and Innovation by David Gurteen
A popular article of mine from the Journal of Knowledge Management in 1998
Hide details for ConversationConversation
Hosting grassroot conversations between knowledge activists by Ton Zijlstra 
The Global Knowledge Review - January 2005
How to Make a Decision Like a Tribe by Peter Carlin 
An article from FastCompany about native American Indian decision making
In Conversation: Learn to Listen and to Tell the Truth by David Gurteen
A short article on conversation
The Art of Powerful Conversations by David Isaacs, Juanita Brown, Eric E. Vogt 
Catalyzing Insight, Innovation, and Action
The Gurteen Knowledge Café: A conversation with David Gurteen by Anna McAvoy 
Virtual Value - Conversation, ideas and the creative economy by Alex McKie 
Interesting article on creative conversation
Hide details for DialogueDialogue
The Discipline of Dialogue by David Gurteen
Hide details for E-CollaborationE-Collaboration
An Etiquette for Computer-Based Communication by David Gurteen
Hide details for EducationEducation
Deschooling Society 
Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich
Hide details for GroupwareGroupware
New Ways of Working in the Networked Organization by David Gurteen
Hide details for Knowledge ManagementKnowledge Management
Does KM = IT? 
CIO Magazine Article
Impressions of the 2nd Gurteen Knowledge Conference 26 November 2003 by Shane Godbolt , Tim Dee 
Knowledge is not something you keep in your head, it's a behaviour
KM and British Petroleum 
Article: A Historic Example of the SAIC KM Approach
Knowledge Sharing within Management Consulting Firms by Byron Reimus 
Knowledge, Awareness and Understanding by David Gurteen
The Real Work of Knowledge Management by Margaret J. Wheatley
Hide details for LearningLearning
Every Day Miracles, Leaning and the Human Condition by Jo Singel
The Global Knowledge Review - September 2004
Wearing our knowledge on our sleeves by Greg Timbrell 
The Global Knowledge Review - October 2004
Answers on the back of a postcard please ... by Chris Collison
The Global Knowledge Review - March 2005
Building Learning into Everyday Work by David Gurteen
Hide details for Lotus Notes/DominoLotus Notes/Domino
Lotus Notes Ultra Rapid Application Development by David Gurteen
Hide details for Mental ModelsMental Models
The Dangers of Media Violence
Article by Karl Wigg
Hide details for Personal Knowledge ManagementPersonal Knowledge Management
The Right Environment
The Global Knowledge Review - May 2005
Hide details for Project ManagementProject Management
Prototype Culture by Michael Schrage 
Article in Marketing Computers magazine

If you are interested in Knowledge Management, the Knowledge Café or the role of conversation in organizational life then you my be interested in this online book I am writing on Conversational Leadership
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