Gurteen Knowledge Letter: Issue 184 - October 2015


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Gurteen Knowledge Letter: Issue 184 - October 2015


  1. Introduction to the October 2015 Knowledge Letter
  2. Most companies have created downtown Calcutta in summer inside themselves
  3. We are flipping teaching - how about flipping journalism?
  4. The communication issues that prevent effective leadership
  5. What makes a powerful question?
  6. Gurteen Knowledge Tweets: October 2015
  7. Upcoming Knowledge Events
  8. Subscribing and Unsubscribing
  9. The Gurteen Knowledge Letter

Introduction to the October 2015 Knowledge Letter

Well this newsletter is almost finished and the next thing on my to-do list for today is to book my flight to Hong Kong for KM Asia 2015 which is now only 3 weeks away.

Yes, if you were not already aware, after an amazing 14 years in Singapore, the KM Asia conference has moved to Hong Kong this year.

I will of course be talking about my passion Conversational Leadership and the Ark Group have shot a little video where I introduce myself and my talk which you can find here.

For those of you who are participating, I look forward to seeing you there. And if you are in the region and still not signed up yet - take a look at the agenda - there are some great speakers.and of course lots of time for networking and conversation.

Most companies have created downtown Calcutta in summer inside themselves

What a feeling of sadness when you discover a great man, a great thinker, only to learn he died some years ago.

Even worse, when he was born the same year as you, has a degree in Physics like you but died at the young age of 55 from a brain haemorrhage.

Watch Sumantra Ghoshal talk at a past World Economic Forum about The smell of the place.

And listen to the story he tells starting at about 1.07 and his metaphor that "Most companies particularly large companies have created downtown Calcutta in summer inside themselves"

The message - don't try to change the person but the context in which they work.

We are flipping teaching - how about flipping journalism?

We are flipping teaching - how about flipping journalism?

"We're the facilitator of a conversation," instead of "we're speaking for you."

The communication issues that prevent effective leadership

Here are three interesting Harris Poll statistics from an HBR article The Top Complaints from Employees About Their Leaders by Lou Solomon.
  • Complaint 3: 52% of U.S. workers say leaders do not make the time to meet with them
  • Complaint 4: 51% of U.S. workers say leaders refuse to talk subordinates
  • Complaint 7: 36% of U.S. workers say leaders don't know employees names
It's not too surprising that employee engagement is such a big issue with less than one-third of Americans are engaged in their jobs. Leaders need to talk more with their people.

This all adds weight to my thinking on conversational leadership.

What makes a powerful question?

In my work on Conversational Leadership I am researching and thinking about conversation and a big part of that work is about the power of questions to trigger meaningful conversations.

So the question I have been asking myself is "What makes a powerful question?" And Wes Saade helped me realise that at a high level there is a very simple answer.

There are everyday questions and then there are powerful questions. What is the purpose of a question? Well to solicit an answer of course. If I ask "What time is it?" Someone might tell me "ten past two". I have asked my question and received an answer. But are questions that solicit simple informational answers powerful questions? Clearly not.

So what is different about a powerful question?

A powerful question is one that compels others to think.

There is clearly more to it as Wes explains in his article How to ask powerful questions but this is the key point.

Gurteen Knowledge Tweets: October 2015

Here are some of my more popular recent tweets. Take a look, if you are not a Tweeter, you will get a good idea of how I use it by browsing the list of micro-posts.

If you like the Tweets then subscribe to my Tweet stream.

Upcoming Knowledge Events

Here are some of the major KM events taking place around the world in the coming months and ones in which I am actively involved. You will find a full list on my website where you can also subscribe to both regional e-mail alerts and RSS feeds which will keep you informed of new and upcoming events.

KM World 2015
02 - 05 Nov 2015, Washington DC, United States

Knowledge and Information Systems for Knowledge Management (ICKM2015)
04 - 06 Nov 2015, Osaka, Japan

What should I do with the rest of my life?
Wed 04 Nov 2015, London, United Kingdom

12th International Conference on Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management & Organisational Learning
05 - 06 Nov 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

KM Asia 2015
18 - 19 Nov 2015, Hong Kong, China
I will be giving talk on Conversational Leadership at this conference.

What can we do to increase the passion, learning and interaction in Communities of Practice?
Wed 25 Nov 2015, Farnborough, United Kingdom

02 - 04 Dec 2015, Berlin, Germany

KM Iran 2016
23 - 24 Feb 2016, Tehran, Iran

Henley Forum 16th Annual Conference
24 - 25 Feb 2016, Henley on Thames RG9 3AU, United Kingdom

3rd European Conference on Social Media ECSM 2016
12 - 13 Jul 2016, Caen, France

Subscribing and Unsubscribing

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