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We create machines in our own image and they, in turn, recreate us in theirs

Posted to Gurteen Knowledge-Log by David Gurteen on 19 June 2011



We create machines in our own image and they, in turn, recreate us in theirs
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Posted DateSunday 19 June 2011 12:39 GDT
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This is one great little blog post Experts and Wikipedia from my good friend Nimmy (we have never met but we have known each other so long through the web that I consider her a very good friend).

In her post, she makes a good point about sharing - that there are some things that we feel almost compelled to share. Things that are:
  • Inspiring
  • Thought-provoking
  • Humorous
  • Positive/optimistic/hopeful 
  • Paradoxical 
This certainly matches the things that I like to share :-)

She goes on to quote from a fascinating article on Wikipedia And The Death Of The Expert. Towards the end of the article, it talks about Marshall McLuhan and says this:
McLuhan's chief insights centered around the idea that technology strongly affects not only the content of culture, but the mind that creates and consumes that culture. He maintained that technology alters cognition itself, all the way down to its deepest, most elemental processes.

As Nimmy points out, if McLuhan is right, then "technology is not just an enabler" which we are so often prone to trot out.

We shape our tools and in turn they shape us! Or in the words of the article "We create machines in our own image and they, in turn, recreate us in theirs."

This idea is worth dwelling on. Its profound. Thanks Nimmy.

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