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My blook (no that's not a typo)

Posted to Gurteen Knowledge-Log by David Gurteen on 28 September 2015



My blook (no that's not a typo)
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Posted DateMonday 28 September 2015 11:50 GDT
Posted ByDavid Gurteen

At long last I am writing a book. Well not quite. It is a blook - a cross between a blog, a website and an on-line book.

Why like this? Well I realised I could never sit down and write a book in one go. I wanted to release it in revisions - I guess a little bit like a software app. I wanted it to be multimedia, with photos, video and with multiple ways to navigate it via categories and tags. Also, for each page or post to be stand-alone and to be short enough for each to be read in less than 5 minutes to make it easy to browse.

I wanted it be responsive and to be readable on a range of devices without any need to modify the code.

I also needed the ability to write it in small pieces and to add to it at will and to continually restructure it as I went, as it evolved. But more than anything else I wanted feedback as I wrote it.

The best platform I could find for the job was Wordpress and with the help of a small number of plugins and some minor tweaks to the code I have a platform that is not perfect but does the job. The subject? Well its is about Conversational Leadership and my Knowledge Cafe. But it has turned out to be great thinking and research tool and so I am not so sure what is going to eventually emerge. Already I am straying off my original topic in many areas but I see at as a good thing and its why I am taking this blook approach.

I don't foresee ever completing it - just continually updating and improving it as my ideas develop. At the moment it is hidden from search engines and so you need the URL to find it. but I have started to open it up to a small number of people.

Let me know if you are interested in taking a peak but the pledge you make is to give me some critical early feedback. :-)

If you are interested in Knowledge Management, the Knowledge Café or the role of conversation in organizational life then you my be interested in this online book I am writing on Conversational Leadership
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