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It may sound corny but love is the answer

Posted to Gurteen Knowledge-Log by David Gurteen on 24 September 2018



It may sound corny but love is the answer
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Posted DateMonday 24 September 2018 16:11 GDT
Posted ByDavid Gurteen

It may seem corny, but love is the answer.

I have long thought that to help cure many of the ills in the world that all we needed to do was "to care more." To care more about each other and to care more about our planet.

To say that "love is the answer" seemed a little too twee especially in a business context.

However, since I discovered that Elon Musk using the phrase in a recent interview with Joe Rogan I am having second thoughts - maybe "love is the answer" conveys the message far more effectively.

Here is a clip from the interview where Elon and Joe talk about the future of humanity and "love is the answer."

And here is the full interview (beware 2 1/2hrs long but well worth the time)

Joe comments at the end of the clip "How do you fix that - do you have a love machine you are working on?" Elon laughs and suggests you should spend more time with your friends and less on social media.

However, it has got to be far more than that - how do we learn "to care more" or "love humanity more"? If "love is the answer" what do we need to do? I have some thoughts of my own, but I'll leave you with that question for now. It would make a good Knowledge Café question!

Moreover, if you take the time to watch the full interview, step back and observe the "conversation," Joe is a skilled interviewer and draws Elon out and gives him space to talk without interruption - tolerating long silences at times.

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