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Reading PDF and HTML articles on my Kindle

Posted to Gurteen Knowledge-Log by David Gurteen on 20 April 2012



Reading PDF and HTML articles on my Kindle
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Posted DateFriday 20 April 2012 18:45 GDT
Posted ByDavid Gurteen
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A few months ago I bought a Kindle. Funnily, I did not buy it for reading books, I bought it for reading PDF articles.

So many papers and articles are only available in PDF format and I find them almost impossible to read on-line, especially if they are formatted in two columns.

I used to have dozens of the things printed-off and lying around at any one time on my coffee table, by the side of my bed, in my book case and I could never find the one I wanted when I needed it and even then they were never easy to read even on paper.

What is great about the Kindle, is that I can email my PDFs to Amazon where they convert them to the Kindle format and usually within the hour, like magic, they appear on my Kindle.

I love it. But it gets better.

I often find interesting articles on a website in HTML format. I don't want to read them there and then and I don't want to read them online or print them off with all the headers, footers and margins.

Now I can convert these pages to read on my Kindle also. Here is the process I have been using up until now:

  • bookmark the page with Instapaper (Instapaper is a free web service that saves articles for later reading on web browsers, Apple iOS devices, and Amazon Kindle in a sripped-down text format.)
  • later, go to the stripped-down text document in Instapaper
  • print the plain text to a PDF file (I use a free printer driver called CutePDF Writer)
  • save the PDF file to a folder on my laptop. I have created one called Kindle PDFs just for the purpose.
  • email the file to my Kindle

I have just discovered, however, that I can configure Instapaper to send articles I have bookmarked directly to my Kindle. It will even compile several articles into one file. Now that's really cool.

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