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My iPod as a personal learning tool

Posted to Gurteen Knowledge-Log by David Gurteen on 14 February 2007



My iPod as a personal learning tool
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Posted DateWednesday 14 February 2007 15:31 GMT
Posted ByDavid Gurteen

I've talked before about how much I love my video iPod - not for the music but for the video podcasts! Take a look at TEDTalks. These video talks are BRILLIANT - I just LOVE them.

Every time I sync my iPod I get a few more downloaded - I don't even think about it and then on train or plane I discover them and watch them. So easy and these talks in particular are SO inspiring. Its a great way to learn.

But I have discovered another use. When in Hong Kong recently I bought a little stereo mike TuneTalk that plugs into the base of my iPod.

As I give lots of talks, if I am giving a new one - once I have thought it through in my head, I sit down and record it - no notes or written draft - straight to my iPod. I can then listen to it when and where I want and maybe rerecord it. But then the evening before the talk I play it through and then record it one last time - no notes no prompts - I just do it. If I am happy and I can then turn up and give the talk with confidence. I am also confident I have the timing right!

But here is the crunch - if 6 months latter I come to give the same talk again - guess what - all I need to do is play that final recording! Its on my iPod - its on my laptop. Within minutes I have reloaded the talk from archive into my short term memory.

Never ever thought I'd be doing this with it.

One thing I have yet to do though but is easy. Is to record the actually live talk to play back later. I could also publish them on my website. By the way one minute of recording equates to 1mB storage - so that's 20mB for a 20 minute talk.

So I am using my iPod more as a learning tool then an entertainment device though at times I still like to relax and enjoy my music.

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