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Flipping heck - someone beat me to it!

Posted to Gurteen Knowledge-Log by David Gurteen on 26 October 2011



Flipping heck - someone beat me to it!
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Posted DateWednesday 26 October 2011 08:50 GDT
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I recently posted an item about Flip Conferences based on the idea of Flip teaching. It then occurred to me that I may have been beaten to it and that others had made the same connection. So I did a Google search on flip conferences.

Sure enough, I am not the first to have made the connection and use the term, see Applying The Fisch Flip To Your Conference Model.

What if conference organizers and event professionals flipped the standard lecture presentation? What if the lecture was put online for people to view before the conference? People could then attend the session onsite and participate with the presenter and others in activities that helped them solidify concepts and ideas. They could engage in roundtable discussions with one another on what did and didn't work.

The same model could be used with Webinars. Conference presenters could deliver their foundation content in a Webinar. Attendees could view it at their leisure, apply concepts in real time at work and then bring questions, best practices and concerns to the conference. This could have great ROI for learning and retention from your conference or event. I think it has great promise.

How would your conference attendees adapt to flipping the conference education lecture presentation on YouTube and the onsite experience being interactive? What other conference processes, models or methods could be flipped today?

Flipping heck!

The problem I see with it though is that at present people tend not to do pre-conference work. They are either too busy or don't see the value. Maybe a little of both. I wonder if that will change over time.

If you are interested in Knowledge Management, the Knowledge Café or the role of conversation in organizational life then you my be interested in this online book I am writing on Conversational Leadership
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