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Sheila Moorcroft


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January 2002




Sheila Moorcroft




United Kingdom

Indicator of ChangeBeating the blues – a computer therapy system using systematic questioning combined with acted out case studies is proving extremely effective and simple to use to treat depression and negative thought/ behaviour patterns. ‘real’ counsellors and therapists are always available if needed, but they anticipate that soon patients could treat themselves from home with email support.
Potential SignificancePerceived increased privacy is a major aspect of this system’s success: a major constraint in getting it to people’s homes is bandwidth. .
    With the current interest in e-learning what other areas such as review interviews, performance assessments, counselling etc would benefit from increased privacy?
      A related item on young people’s use of the web for health : A Kaiser Family Foundation report on the Web shows that young people use the web for health information on a regular basis. Not only that they prefer the web because of privacy and confidentiality and more than half trust the info they find.. Many have also changed behaviour as a result of the information found.
        Half looked for info on specific diseases; weight loss, drugs, alcohol and violence and mental health were other key areas.
          ScannerSheila Moorcroft, BFN UKDateJan 16 2002
          Keywords LinksHealth; privacy; e-learning; advice; life by proxy; help tech; Ref No.99

        Video: Interview with David Gurteen at the ING Business Academy

        This is a short video interview with David Gurteen by Mireille Jansma of the ING Business Academy in Amsterdam in November 2011 where she asks him what he thinks of their "Challenging Minds" programme having just experienced one of the sessions

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