Power Thyself by R. Venkataraman

Strive for Excellence and a Better Future (Jun 2004)



R. Venkataraman 


SKM Consultants



First Published

June 2004

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ISBN 8190135120 

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Personal Development; Philosophy


India, New Delhi

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Power Thyself 





The book reflects the insights gained by Dr. R. Venkataraman under the guidance of karma yoga philosophy while working in government, public sector enterprises and in consultancy servies in India and abroad in striving to attain various objectives rising above narrow interests. <br><br>

It is his firm belief that understanding and using karma yoga philosophy with its captivating mix of abstract concepts and insightful checklists will assist everyone to develop his or her intellectual and spiritual powers by broadening thinking habits, perceptions, perspectives and enable work to be done with discretion, commitment and non-attachment leading to peace of mind and eventual emancipation.

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  Power Thyself (Jun 2004) by R. Venkataraman 
Strive for Excellence and a Better Future

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