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Microsoft's chief software architect



Microsoft's chief software architect

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Ray Ozzie 



Ray Ozzie
Ray Ozzie was the creator of Lotus Notes and the founder of Groove Networks. He is now Microsoft's chief software architect.

I know Ray a little from my days at Lotus Development where I helped ensure that Lotus Notes was designed as a global product (one that could be cost effectively localized into a multitude of languages other than English - including some of the more interesting ones such as Arabic, Japanese and Chinese).

He is a very unassuming guy but one of the brightest brains on the planet when it comes to understanding collaborative technologies.

For more about him take a look at this Wired Magazine article.

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Quotations from Ray Ozzie:

 We should distrust any elaborately planned, centrally deployed, and carefully developed business system or process. Successful systems and processes will be agile and dynamically adaptive; they'll grow and evolve as needed over time.

Ray Ozzie, Microsoft's chief software architect

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