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Call for Papers: Knowledge Management Beyond Borders

Posted to Gurteen News Log by David Gurteen on 16 December 2010



Call for Papers: Knowledge Management Beyond Borders
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Posted DateThursday 16 December 2010 22:45 GMT
Posted ByDavid Gurteen
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Internationalisation is already quite prevalent for the knowledge management community

However, cross-national knowledge transfer is no easy task. Companies are already confronted with a number of critical issues when introducing knowledge management at a national level. The introduction of a cross-national knowledge transfer is a far more complex process than many believe. Global companies therefore require solutions for knowledge transfer to avoid autarkic and closed business units.

Distance is not the key problem. The language barrier, however, can cause a lot of communication problems between employees. Organisations can overcome this barrier. But for all that, there are many other problems such as the cultural background of employees that may disrupt the mutual understanding. Different continents, different customs or the greater the distance between employees, the bigger the difference?

What does all that mean for knowledge managers?

There are already several articles in which authors place cultural aspects in communication in the centre of discussion. As the main focus of this call for papers shall be on a cross-national perspective, we kindly invite knowledge management experts from outside Germany to participate in this call and contribute to this discussion. Therefore, please be aware: all submissions must be in English.

What experience have you made? Which requirements will be most relevant to us? What solutions do you know?

The Community of Knowledge welcomes academic articles from a theoretical as well as from a practical perspective. Articles should clearly specify a knowledge management problem arising from cultural differences. Articles containing a catalogue of cultural differences will not be considered.


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