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Lee Bryant
Lee Bryant is an on-line communication and community specialist with a focus on knowledge development. Lee has a strong belief in the empowering potential of the Internet, and a commitment to the development of an international knowledge-based society that can transcend cultural and economic barriers.

Prior to becoming involved with the Internet, Lee wrote and researched in the field of International Relations, focusing on the role of international organisations in political crisis, specialising in the former Yugoslavia. He has written on the Bosnian conflict for the Guardian, New Statesman, WarReport and a number of other UKand international publications. He has also addressed major political conferences throughout Europeon the topic and delivered undergraduate guest lecture programmes on political conflict.

During the Bosnian conflict, Lee helped organise support for local humanitarian organisations, and travelled widely throughout the country. In 1993, Lee provided media liaison on behalf of the Bosnian delegation to the Genevapeace talks, and from 1993 until 1995, he worked as a media consultant for the Bosnian government in Londonand Sarajevo.

It was his experience of running a highly responsive international information network during this time which first stimulated Lee's interest in using internet and other communication technologies to achieve horizontal communication flows that put people and organisations in control of their own self-representation.

He has been playing with words and computers since the age of 10 and published his first code aged 11.

What are Social Tools? - Lee Bryant

Mini-clip interview for Gurteen Knowledge with Lee Bryant. What are Social Tools? Shot at the Unicom Seminars Conference on Social Networking Tools In London, September 2006.

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  What are Social Tools? - Lee Bryant
Mini-clip video interview

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