SMS Test Wall

This is the SMS Test Wall. Anyone is wecome to write a message to it.

You will find instructions how to post messages to this wall at the bottom of the page.

The Test Wall is operational between the hours of approximately 08:00 and 21:00 GMT. When it is operational, your message should appear on the wall in less than 10 mins but occasionally it may take up to 24 hrs.


To send a message to the Wall is best explained by a simple example.

If your name is "John Smith" and your title "Director, Acme Co." and you wish to post a message to this wall (its name is TEST) that says "I love the Knowledge Cafe!"
then send 3 separate SMS messages to +44 7535 615 656 as follows:

    name John Smith
    title Director, Acme Co.
    @test I love the Knowledge Cafe!

After this you can send additional messages to the wall with just a single SMS e.g.

    @test Here is another message

  1. This system is still being tested. Please be patient if there are any glitches or total failures.
  2. You can send multiple messages but you must always include the name of the wall.
  3. You will not receive any SMS confirmation or error messages. If you make an error notthing will be posted to the Wall.
  4. If you get your name or title incorrect then you can send the commands again and your details will be updated. Old posts are not updated.
  5. Currently there is no facility to edit or delete a posted message.
  6. I reserve the right to remove any messages that I deem inappropriate for any reason.
  7. The SMS messages are only processed when the server is operating. When it is operating the SMS messages are processed every few minutes. When it is not operating, the messages are queued and it may take a day or two before they are processed. The wall itself is automatically refreshed every 30 seconds or when you click the refresh button.

This is an experiment that I hope proves an effective means to capture a little bit of feedback from everyone participating in a Knowledge Cafe.

I have developed the system to capture feedback/messages by SMS and post them to a page like this on my website that I am calling an "SMS Wall".

Why do it like this rather than use Twitter or some other social tool? Quite simply, I would like everyone to have the ability to post to the wall.

Not everyone, has a smartphone, not everyone uses Twitter and not everyone has an internet connection but almost everyone has a basic phone with SMS and knows how to use it.

People can post messages before the Knowledge Cafe, during the KCafe, at the end of the KCafe and on the train on the way home.

I can also dump the messages to a text file and email them to all the KCafe participants as a record of the event.

Drop me a line by email if you have any problems or any feedback for me.