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These are some rough notes for a few people who have requested my RSS code. When I have a moment I will update these notes to make them more intelligible.
I am happy to provide this code to anyone who would like to use it. It is only fair as much of it I found for free on the web (I will add the original links later.)

The only thing I would ask is that you fill in the log form so I know who has downloaded it and that you let me know what you do with the code and maybe give me access to any improvements that you make. But this is not obligatory - if you just wish to fill in a dummy name and take the code thats fine with me too.

The attached file is an empty Notes R5 database with all the RSS bits and pieces copied across from my website database - so it won't actually work but you do have everything so you can figure it all out and make it work in your circumstances. You have a :

channel form
channel view
agent to scan the defined RSS channels and pull in the data
script libraries to support the agent

The code is not the cleanest or best documented in the world but I'm sure you will figure it out. Most of the core stuff I found on the web and then modified to do what I wanted. The main thing is that it works and it is really very simple. The key is the Microsoft XMLDOM module.

You also have some other goodies :

Ability to download images from a web site e.g. Amazon book cover jpgs.

And a super bit of code I found on the web for processing image files - figures out their type, height, width, color-depth etc. - cool!

Links to some original code: (Oct 2004 - these links nlo longer seem to work)
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