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The Knowledge Management Centre of Multimedia University (Malaysia) was established in June 2000 with the aim of creating a knowledge growing environment and an expertise niche in aspects of Knowledge Management and e-Learning.

Led by Prof. Peter Charles Woods, the Knowledge Management Centre houses a team from various backgrounds in the efforts of researching and developing new initiatives for knowledge management and e-Learning, particularly in the education sector.

The Knowledge Management Centre hosts two postgraduate programmes with MMU's Faculty of Creative Multimedia namely Ms in Knowledge Management with Multimedia and Ms in Multimedia (e-Learning Technologies). They also provide corporate short courses as well as professional consultation in areas of knowledge management and e-learning.

Video: Conference Conversations: KC UK 2007

One thing a chairperson can easily do at a conference do make them more engaging and interactive is to allow the participants to have a short conversation with each other after a speaker has finished their talk but before entering the Q&A.

Here is a short video of people doing this at the Ark Groups KC UK Conference in London in June 2007.

It works amazingly well.

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The Knowledge Management Centre, Multimedia University, Malaysia
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