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Mick Cope

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Mick Cope
Mick Cope is founder of WizOz - a network based organisation that seeks to help people and businesses optimise their potential.

As an author he has published seven books to date; Leading the Organisation to Learn; Seven Cs of Consulting; Know your value? Value what you know; Lead Yourself , Float You Personal Networking and Collaborative Coaching

The current book (Collaborative Coaching) explores a discipline that is key in the new millennium - transforming of personal capital though effective coaching.

He has a number of goals in life, the simple one is to live a life of personal freedom where he is able to think, feel and behave according to his values and not have to succumb to the demands of others. The more challenging one is to help 1000 people achieve the same in their life by escaping from corporate slavery.

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  Impressionsáofátheá2ndáGurteenáKnowledgeáConferenceá26áNovemberá2003 by Shane Godbolt , Tim Dee 
Knowledge is not something you keep in your head, it's a behaviour

  Float You (Jul 2001) by MickáCope, Carmel McConnell 
How to Capitalize on Your Talent

  Know your value? (Dec 2000) by MickáCope
Manage your knowledge and make it pay

  Lead Yourself (Sep 2002) by MickáCope
Be Where Others Will Follow

  Personal Networking (Dec 2002) by MickáCope
How to Make Your Connections Count

  On personal and social capital by MickáCope Consultant & Author

  On the strength of a professional network by MickáCope Consultant & Author

Quotations from Mick Cope:

 People who optimize their personal capital can change their world. People who optimize their social capital can change the world.

MickáCope, Consultant & Author

 The strength of a wide-band professional network is that it gives access to deep and tacit knowledge across a range of areas that you could never hope to touch, understand or gain access to.

MickáCope, Consultant & Author

If you are interested in Knowledge Management, the Knowledge CafÚ or the role of conversation in organizational life then you my be interested in this online book I am writing on Conversational Leadership
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