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This is an annual conference held in India in November.

KM India is an endeavor undertaken to create a more robust Indian ecosystem, that generates economic value through the effective harnessing of knowledge and intellectual capital, within knowledge-based organizations and industries. The intent is to create a better understanding of knowledge management practices, research and practical applications. Stakeholders in this ecosystem include KM practitioners, policy makers, as well as academicians and researchers. As better knowledge management practices get instituted within India, the quality and quantity of knowledge being generated and consumed will be enhanced, thereby allowing the accelerated production of economic value. This initiative is intended to support India’s emergence as a knowledge superpower, in a connected global economy.

Mini-clip interview for Gurteen Knowledge with Raj Datta

Mini-clip interview for Gurteen Knowledge with Raj Datta . In this mini-interview, David Gurteen talks with Raj Datta about his thoughts on "what's coming next in knowledge management".

Raj Datta is the Global Knowledge Management Head at MindTree Consulting .

Shot at KM Asia , November 2006 in Singapore.

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