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Incentivising Knowledge Sharing Behaviours


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Network for Information and Knowledge Exchange (NetIKX)

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29 Jan 2014


British Dental Association


London, United Kingdom


Knowledge Sharing



All organisations have a desire to become more efficient, more productive, more innovative and more adaptable to change. So why do many organisations still struggle to make the required changes?<br>
Part of the problem is getting things done within legacy structures and cultures that – often unwittingly - inhibit the free flow of knowledge and expertise. Resistance to change can be endemic; business processes remain locked and impervious to improvement. But there is growing evidence that, given the right incentives, people and behaviours will change. Perhaps surprisingly these incentives do not have to be financial – there are many other triggers that can deliver more effective knowledge sharing and encourage employee and customer loyalty. This seminar looks at some of the emergent ideas, technologies and techniques that can influence behaviours.<br>
Learning objectives:<br>
• To understand how “Gamification” strategies and techniques are being used to influence behaviour change in organisations.<br>
• To develop incentives, motivators and triggers that will encourage behaviour change whilst remaining consistent with prevailing cultures and norms.<br>
Speaker and topic:<br>
Stephen Dale – Collabor8now Ltd<br>
Encouraging Behaviour Change With Gamification<br>
Organisations continue to search for the silver bullet that will deliver improved employee and customer engagement, facilitate more effective collaboration and drive innovation. Is "gamification" the answer, or is it just one more over-hyped and fashionable trend that promises much but delivers little? Gamification has indeed bubbled to the top of the Gartner hype cycle, but there is growing evidence that it is an effective business improvement change agent, with industry growth rates predicted to be 67% p.a. and a market worth &#163;3.4 billion by 2018.<br>
Gamification is about much more than simply rewarding points and badges, but rather understanding and influencing the human behaviours companies want to encourage among their employees and customers. Gamification is founded in the fundamentals of human psychology and behavioural science, and rests on three primary factors: motivation, ability level and triggers.<br>
This session will look at some of the gamification strategies and techniques being used to influence behaviour change, and how these techniques can be used to facilitate more effective collaboration, encourage employee engagement and build customer loyalty.<br>
Steve Dale is a community ecologist with experience in creating off-line and on-line environments that foster conversations and engagement. His career to date places him at the confluence between knowledge management, social behaviours and collaborative technologies; getting the blend right is the secret to unlocking the genius in people! Steve delivers occasional training and master-classes on the use of social networks for improving digital literacies, and advises organisations on how to become more productive and innovative by letting knowledge flow through networks. <br>
Twitter: @stephendale Blog: stephendale.com and Collabor8now.com<br>
Timetable 14:00 - 14:30 Registration (and refreshments)<br>
14:30 - 15:00 Speaker<br>
15:00 - 15:30 Delegate Exercise <br>
15:30 - 15:45 Tea<br>
15:45 - 16:45 Syndicate sessions<br>
16:45 - 17:00 Conclusion <br>
17:00 Refreshments and a glass of wine<br>
Seminar costs<br>
If you are a NetIKX Member or join NetIKX now there is no charge. <br>
Non Members are welcome to attend at a charge of &#163;50.

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