Gurteen Knowledge Workshop

Building Knowledge-Based Relationships: The Key Source of Value in the Network Economy

A Gurteen Knowledge Workshop with Ross Dawson




Social Networking; Knowledge Management; Knowledge Economy
This workshop is over.

A one-day workshop presented by Gurteen Knowledge and Bizmedia

8th June 2004, Novotel London West, Hammersmith, London, UK

Ross Dawson In our intensely connected global economy, where products and services are readily replicated and often sourced globally, a dominant and increasing proportion of the value resides in "knowledge-based" relationships.

Companies must lead their high-value clients into partner relationships by building effective organisation-wide relationships based on rich communication and effective knowledge transfer and co-creation.

Customer-focused organisations, including government agencies, have to gather and apply deep customer knowledge to make service compelling and relevant, and to drive innovation.

Organisations need to select and manage their outsourcing and alliances based on an understanding of how value is created, and where valuable knowledge resides in the relationship.

The emergence of powerful collaborative technologies is helping to create change and open up compelling new opportunities, both in building effective collaboration across divisions and departments, and creating more value with customers and external partners.

However personal, professional, and organisational relationships are ultimately about people. Developing rich, trust-based relationships and networks is the key source of value in the emerging economy.

This highly participatory workshop will help professionals with responsibilities for knowledge, sales, marketing, suppliers, strategy, information and technology to create success for themselves and their organisations.

  • Enhancing high-value client relationships
  • Managing knowledge in outsourcing and alliances
  • Gathering and applying customer knowledge
  • Increasing trust and value in personal networks in a connected world
  • Linking relationship development to organisational strategy and positioning
  • Integrating knowledge initiatives into organisational relationships
  • Implementing collaborative technologies in external relationships

Participants in this highly interactive seminar will explore and learn how to:
  • Build deeper, higher-value relationships with clients, partners and suppliers
  • Create lock-in and generate new revenue and service opportunities
  • Enhance valuable knowledge transfer from outside the firm
  • Gather and apply deep customer knowledge in providing customised information and service delivery
  • Link internal knowledge initiatives with key organisational relationships
  • Demonstrate the value of knowledge management by linking it to value creation and core strategy
  • Develop effective personal networks based on trust and knowledge sharing
  • Create the future of knowledge-based relationships, including distributed value creation and virtualised organisations

  • Understanding knowledge-based relationships
  • Defining the organisation’s most important relationships
  • Enhancing organisational relationship capabilities
  • Developing high-value client and partner relationships
  • Trust building exercises and processes
  • Enhancing knowledge flows with outsourcing, alliances, and partners
  • Gathering and applying customer knowledge
  • Enhancing personal networks for effective knowledge sharing
  • Linking knowledge initiatives to key relationships and core strategy
  • Taking action to prepare for the future of relationships and networks
The workshop will be highly interactive and participatory, including exercises, case studies, and structured discussion so delegates can adapt material to their own situations, and benefit from the experience of other participants.


Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships by Ross Dawson Living Networks by Ross Dawson Ross Dawson is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Human Technologies , an international consulting firm that helps organisations develop strategy and client relationships in the connected economy.

He is author of Living Networks  and Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships: The Future of Professional Services , as well as more than 50 articles on international business.

He is also a keynote speaker, workshop presenter, and strategy facilitator. His media appearances include CNN, Bloomberg TV, SkyNews, European Business Network, and Channel News Asia.

Prior to founding Advanced Human Technologies in 1996, Dawson worked in a variety of senior positions in London, Tokyo, and Sydney, most recently as Global Director, Capital Markets, at Thomson Financial. He speaks five languages.

Video: David Gurteen on the best circumstances for thriving innovation

David Gurteen on the best circumstances for thriving innovation from iriss on Vimeo.

David Gurteen discusses the best circumstances for thriving innovation.

David Gurteen on the best circumstances for thriving innovation.

The Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (IRISS), Glasgow.

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