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Experience is the best teacher. Using the power of personal storytelling, Fifty Lessons captures the experiences of world-class business leaders on film. Each high profile contributor shares their most important lessons learnt, passing on valuable business know-how to the next generation of leaders.

The resulting lessons are each around five minutes long and are available in multiple formats, including online, in books and on DVD. They give guidance and practical help across universal management subjects such as leadership, change, strategy, managing people and communication.

Fifty Lessons is being used by organisations that want to encourage behavioural change, by academics and consultants who want teaching material that is practical and engaging, and by individuals seeking guidance or inspiration in their own career.

The growing Fifty Lessons digital library already holds more than 500 individual lessons from 100 executives. The executives involved, including Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Stelios Haji-Ioannou , Anita Roddick and Perween Warsi, represent some of the finest leaders from both the Private and Public Sectors.
I would like to welcome you to an exciting initiative from Gurteen Knowledge and Fifty Lessons.

Each month Gurteen Knowledge brings you a free video Lesson of the Month  from Fifty Lessons.

See here  for your free lesson of the month.

Video: Lawrence Lessig: Lecture at Rochester Institute of Technology

Lawrence Lessig discusses Network Neutrality, Free Culture, Google Print, Orphaned Works and other topics at the Rochester Institute of Technology. March 24, 2006. (1 hr 58 min)

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Fifty Lessons
The Fifty Lessons digital library holds more than 500 individual lessons from 100 executives

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