Gurteen Knowledge Events: Global (Mobile) Wed, 23 Aug 2017 03:00:59 +0100 This feed lists upcoming events on the Gurteen Knowledge website for all regions of the world. (David Gurteen) (David Gurteen) Gurteen Knowledge$File/gurteen170x60.gif en-us Custom Lotus Notes Agent 2017 Southern African Knowledge Management Summit Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 29 - 31 Aug 2017<br>Organizer: Knowledge Management South Africa<br>Location: Johannesburg, South Africa<br><br> 2AC39E8E4CA074D7802581520032A488 Mon, 10 Jul 2017 10:54:19 +0100 David Gurteen Online KM Practitioners and Practicum Course Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 04 Sep 2017 - 09 Feb 2018<br>Organizer: CCLFI<br>Location: Quezon City, Philippines<br><br>Popular online KM Course that brings you the foundations of KM but moreover the lessons can be applied that fits your organization needs or workplace. 7A24489CFDB1E74E802581770023B025 Wed, 09 Aug 2017 11:50:17 +0100 David Gurteen Reflections 2017 Global Conference Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 06 - 09 Sep 2017<br>Organizer: CoachingOurselves<br>Location: Montreal, Canada<br><br><h2><span style="color: #01aaad;">Leadership Development that&nbsp;changes the world for the better!</span></h2> <p><strong>What is <em>Reflections 2017 Global Conference</em>? Two highly interactive days, 15+ renown speakers, the Great Canadian Canoe Trip and a lot more!&nbsp;<br /><br /></strong>Built around Henry Mintzberg&rsquo;s approach to leadership development, communityship, and views of rebalancing society, the <em>Reflections 2017 Global Conference</em> is a unique opportunity to interact directly with top management thinkers, leaders, and pioneers from around the world. This unique conference is made of two interconnected parts:</p> <ul> <li><strong>Day one</strong> will focus on exploring CoachingOurselves, Mintzberg&rsquo;s approach to peer-coaching groups.&nbsp;A unique chance to interact and learn directly from <a href="">Henry Mintzberg</a>, <a href="">Philip Kotler</a>, <a href="">Edgar Schein</a>, <a href="">Estelle M&eacute;tayer</a> and other thought leaders, and explore how leadership development can change the world for the better.</li> <li><strong>Day two</strong> will center around Henry Mintzberg&rsquo;s ideas on <a href="">Rebalancing Society</a>.&nbsp;This day, hosted in collaboration with Atypic, will be an inspiring gathering&nbsp;of L&amp;D and operational leaders from across the private, public, and plural sectors. A powerful grouping&nbsp;of leaders&nbsp;and speakers such as <a href="">Dan Pontefract</a>, <a href="">Mitch Joel</a> and <a href="">Jonathan Gosling</a>, coming together to work towards a better world.</li> <li>The <em>Reflections 2017 Global Conference</em> will be <strong>preceded by a half day of CoachingOurselves Master Classes</strong>, for all levels of practitioners, including professionals who have never before used CoachingOurselves.</li> <li>As it is the tradition with Henry and his team,&nbsp;escape in nature at <strong>The Great Canadian Canoe Trip</strong> in Mont-Tremblant, on Saturday September 9th!</li> </ul> <p>The modern leadership development professional is constantly challenged to deliver engaging programs with organizational impact. The <em>Reflections 2017 Global Conference</em> is the key opportunity for OD and HR Professionals to gather and learn from Henry Mintzberg and other thought leaders, in order&nbsp;to make the most of your peer-coaching groups.<br /><br /><strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Attendees will experience:</span></strong></p> <ul> <li><strong>Keynotes</strong> - From prominent thought leaders and the CoachingOurselves team.</li> <li><strong>Customer insights</strong> - Real world stories of how customers and partners of CoachingOurselves,&nbsp;the&nbsp;Henry Mintzberg Program,&nbsp;are creating leadership development programs which develop individuals, teams and change the organization.</li> <li><strong>Global Update -</strong> Updates from CoachingOurselves partners around the world.</li> <li><strong>What's new and next -</strong> What is coming from CoachingOurselves 2017 - Be the&nbsp;first to discover the innovating ways of developing leadership!</li> <li><strong>Peer Networking -</strong> Extensive opportunities for peer networking, knowledge sharing and benchmarking.</li> <li><strong>Entertainment -</strong> It's not all work - you also get to party with your peers!</li> </ul> 333641693525B861802581170045668A Mon, 08 May 2017 08:58:04 +0100 David Gurteen 18th European Conference on Knowledge Management Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 07 - 08 Sep 2017<br>Organizer: Academic Conferences<br>Location: Barcelona, Spain<br><br>Welcome to ECKM 2017 <br><br> ECKM is the longest running Academic KM Conference in Europe. <br><br> It has run in Universities in many cities around Europe, including: Paris, Lisbon, Dublin, Oxford, Glasgow, Aix-au-Province, Bled, Venice, Nice, Belfast, to mention only a few. More than 2,000 academics ranging from Deans of Faculties and Schools to PhD candidates have previously attended. This is in addition to a growing following of people from business who have discovered ECKM as a great source of international networking. <br><br> The conference is generally attended by participants from more than 40 countries and attracts an interesting combination of academic scholars, practitioners and individuals who are engaged in various aspects of Knowledge Management. A number of journals including the Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management publish the results of research presented at this conference. The conference hosts a PhD and Master colloquium and also a competition for the Best Case History describing a successful KM application. ECKM 2017 is being held at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC). 27F8DC9E084188BF80257F56005F4375 Thu, 17 Nov 2016 08:49:43 +0000 David Gurteen Free personal development conference: Leading Edge Annual Conference 2017 Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: Tue 12 Sep 2017<br>Organizer: IGD Leading Edge<br>Location: London, United Kingdom<br><br><p>The Leading Edge Annual Conference 2017 is a free, full day personal development event, exclusively for those in the food and grocery industry. This years' theme is Power your Performance.</p> <p>What does powerful performance bring to mind? Athletes at the top of their game, corporate leaders breaking new ground, Oscar-winning actors? The list goes on!</p> <p>We all perform and we all perform well, but are we always giving our best?</p> <p>This year's Leading Edge Annual Conference line-up features people who are powerful performers themselves, and they're ready to show us how we, too, can power our own performance.</p> <p>12th September 2017 at QEII Conference Centre, London.</p> <p>Programme:</p> <p>- Registration and refreshments.<br />- Welcome.<br />- Powering your Performance . . . starts here. <br />- High-Impact Speaking: how to win hearts, minds and (perhaps) promotion through public speaking. <br />- Tomorrow's Digital Shopper. <br />- Industry Innovation Showcase. <br />- IGD 'Leading Edge' Award &ndash; this year's finalists announced. <br />- Charisma &ndash; an authentic power. <br />- The power of simplicity: how the best leaders make leadership easy. <br />- Celebrity guest speaker &ndash; who will be inspiring us this year?</p> <p><strong>Time</strong>: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.</p> <p><strong>Sub-Categories</strong>:<br />Conferences | Lifestyle, Arts &amp; Leisure | Food &amp; Related Goods. <br />Conferences | Education | Training.</p> <p><strong>Artists / Speakers</strong>: Simon Bucknall, Nikki Owen, JJ Lynch, Lenny Henry, Vanessa Henry, Haidee Elise.</p> <p><strong>Price</strong>:<br />Full day ticket: GBP 0.00.</p> CF7721DE265D5671802581290021706A Wed, 24 May 2017 07:58:04 +0100 David Gurteen Gamification Masterclass for HR purposes Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 14 - 15 Sep 2017<br>Organizer: Global Leading Conferences<br>Location: Wien, Austria<br><br>Gamification has gained a lot of attention lately, in particular in the world of Human Resources. It was said to be a great method for increasing employee motivation, engagement and efficiency – a goal that every company strives for. But how can you apply gamification in practice? How do you design and build the gamified process for success? <br><br> At this interactive MasterClass An Coppens will aim to pass her skills on gamification design to HR professionals. The participants will work together through best practices and frameworks for gamification directly applied to HR processes. DB9401D660DFAF7A8025814500358D64 Thu, 22 Jun 2017 10:27:17 +0100 David Gurteen GfWM KnowledgeCamp 2017 Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 14 - 15 Sep 2017<br>Organizer: Gesellschaft fuer Wissensmanagement e. V.<br>Location: Potsdam, Germany<br><br><p>The 8th KnowledgeCamp, organized by the Gesellschaft fuer Wissensmanagement e. V. (Society of Knowledge Management) will take place at the Fachhochschule Potsdam - University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the Faculty of Information Sciences (Patron: <strong>Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Heisig</strong>, Professor for Information and Knowledge Management).</p> <p><strong>Date</strong>: Thursday, Sept 14 2017 &amp; Friday, Sept 15 2017<br /> <strong>Location</strong>: Fachhochschule Potsdam - University of Applied Sciences, Kiepenheuerallee 5, 14469 Potsdam, Germany</p> <p>This year's leading theme "<strong>Digitalisation and Knowledge Work</strong>" questions the relevance of knowledge management in the digital age. In a working environment that is shaped by digital transformation the percentage of knowledge work has increased continuously. At the same time enhanced information and communication technologies have initiated changes with new developments such as industry 4.0, big data, machine learning, etc., which aftermath extend far into the personal organisation of work.</p> <p><strong>Digitalisation and Knowledge Work &ndash; What the Digital Workplace and Knowledge Management can learn from each other</strong></p> <p>The leading theme thereby focuses on topics which concern individual knowledge workers, whether as private individuals, solopreneurs or as employees in companies and organisations such as personal information and knowledge management. How can insights from knowledge management and information sciences be utilized for the digital workplace? What can professionals learn from each other coming from such different approaches as information and knowledge management, digital workplace or learning &amp; development.</p> <p><strong>Target group and format</strong>: Entrepreneurs and employees, knowledge managers, organisation &amp; human resources development, corporate learning professionals, digital workplace &amp; collaboration, experts and beginners - all can actively participate due to&nbsp;the <a href="">barcamp</a> format. There will be keynotes on the topical focus in addition to the barcamp part (Day 1: Horizon Speech "<strong>Managing Knowledge in the Age of Digitalisation</strong>", <strong>Prof. Eric Tsui</strong>, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Day 2: Keynote "<strong>Digital Workplace Starts With Your Mind</strong>" in German, <strong>Dr. Peter Geissler</strong>, Head of Digital Workplace, Communardo GmbH).</p> <p>The event will be held in German and English. Sessions can be held in German or English, depending on session owner. <strong>Tickets</strong> for the KnowledgeCamp 2017 can be obtained via XING Events (no XING account necessary): <a href=""></a></p> BD598F93620C158A80258175004F194D Tue, 08 Aug 2017 09:28:00 +0100 David Gurteen 12th European Conference On Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2017 Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 21 - 22 Sep 2017<br>Organizer: Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited<br>Location: Paris, France<br><br>ECIE has been running for 12 years and the 2017 conference is an opportunity for academics, practitioners and consultants from around the world who are involved in the study, management and development of innovation and entrepreneurship in business, the public sector and in education to come together and exchange ideas. 63265057B33B3B04802580830052E239 Mon, 12 Dec 2016 08:19:12 +0000 David Gurteen How is service transformation possible, and what would it mean? Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: Thu 21 Sep 2017<br>Organizer: Gurteen Knowledge<br>Location: London, United Kingdom<br><br><div style="text-align:center;"> <button name ='register' style="width:190; height:80; font-size: 10pt; font-weight: bold;" type='button' onclick= 'javascript:Booking("RedQuadrant+Knowledge+Cafe+21+Sept+2017","_blank",600,400,"resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,toolbar=yes,menubar=yes,status=yes,location=yes,directories=yes"); ' style='font-family: Arial;font-size: 10px;' >Register for a place on this event or cancel an existing booking</button> </div> <br> <b>Date </b>Thursday 21 September 2017, 6:00pm - 9:00pm. This is a <b>free</b> event. Please arrive at 6:00pm or shortly after, which will give you time to settle in and meet other people. There will be some light refreshments available. The cafe itself will start prompt at 6:30pm. <br><br> <b>Overview of Topic</b> <br><br> 'Transformation' is a very over-used word in organisational life. Service transformation seems to offer the possibility of rethinking service provision radically, especially in public services. Yet so much in our organisational lives seems to suggest it is impossible. Benjamin Taylor, who has been thinking about this for twenty years, will give some reasons why it never, really, happens - and some possibilities for how it might. <br><br> <b>The Question</b> <br><br> How is service transformation possible, and what would it mean? <br><br> <b>Speaker</b> Benjamin Taylor, Chief Executive, Public Service Transformation Academy & Managing Partner, RedQuadrant <br><br> Benjamin is the chief executive of the Public Service Transformation Academy, a not-for-profit social enterprise which has been awarded the Cabinet Office Commissioning Academy concession, and a founder and managing partner at RedQuadrant. He studied philosophy, politics, and economics at Oxford University before becoming co-ordinator of a youth development charity. He has worked in public service transformation since 1998, with seven years at the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham as Adviser to Leader, eGovernment Manager, and procuring a strategic partner. At PwC and Sector, his work included customer strategy for Birmingham City Council and advice to the Government of Armenia. Benjamin speaks at the commissioning academy and is a leading thinker on system leadership, service design, service transformation, and the ‘commons&#039;. He holds a lean six sigma black belt and is an accredited power+systems trainer. He is a visiting lecturer in applied systems thinking at Cass Business School, City University, and has lectured at Nottingham Business School and Oxford Said/HEC Paris. <br><br> RedQuadrant is a network consultancy working to change public services ‘from within&#039; by giving them the skills and capacity to transform. <br><br> <b>Sponsor: </b> Benjamin Taylor, Managing Partner, RedQuadrant <br><br> <b>Venue:</b> <br> RedQuadrant <br> above the British Interplanetary Society <br> 27-29 South Lambeth Road <br> London, SW8 1SZ <br><br> <b>Directions & Map: </b> <a href="" target="_blank">Click here</a>. <br><br> <div style="text-align:center;"> <button name ='register' style="width:190; height:80; font-size: 10pt; font-weight: bold;" type='button' onclick= 'javascript:Booking("RedQuadrant+Knowledge+Cafe+21+Sept+2017","_blank",600,400,"resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,toolbar=yes,menubar=yes,status=yes,location=yes,directories=yes"); ' style='font-family: Arial;font-size: 10px;' >Register for a place on this event or cancel an existing booking</button> </div> 31B4761E093248BE8025816500383AC1 Thu, 03 Aug 2017 08:29:15 +0100 David Gurteen eLearning Africa 2017 Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 27 - 29 Sep 2017<br>Organizer: ICWE GmbH<br>Location: Mauritius<br><br>eLearning Africa is the key networking event for ICT enhanced education and training in Africa. Bringing together high-level policy makers, decision makers and practitioners from education, business and government, eLearning Africa 2017 will take place from 27 - 29 September in Port Louis, Republic of Mauritius. Serving as a pan-African platform, the eLearning Africa conference is a must for those who want to develop multinational and cross-industry contacts and partnerships, as well as enhance their knowledge, expertise and abilities. eLearning Africa takes place in a different African country each year, and the conference languages are English, French and Arabic. eLearning Africa attracts education professionals, investors and providers of education and training. 3B27AF1853007F13802580F8004775B9 Fri, 05 May 2017 08:22:35 +0100 David Gurteen KM: The Works (October) Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: Thu 28 Sep 2017<br>Organizer: Helene Russell, TheKnowledgeBusiness<br>Location: London, United Kingdom<br><br>Learn all about the basics of Knowledge Management in law firms and professional services organisations from the author of the Law Society's "Knowledge Management Handbook" and Legal Monitor's "Practical Projects in Legal KM". 83D06BB669154D3D802580E30030D99F Fri, 17 Mar 2017 08:21:42 +0000 David Gurteen Courageous Conversation Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: Tue 10 Oct 2017<br>Organizer: Association for Project Management<br>Location: Reading, United Kingdom<br><br> 30809638A6DC771D8025816F003269A3 Tue, 08 Aug 2017 09:26:50 +0100 David Gurteen Perfectly Natural Retreats Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 10 - 13 Oct 2017<br>Organizer: Thora Thorsdottir<br>Location: Near Selfoss, Iceland<br><br>This retreat, taking place in Iceland is aimed at professionals who are contemplating change, grappling with work-related issues or who are simply looking for time out to recharge.<br> <br> The purpose, theme and take-away will focus on well-being, presence and ease. This can benefit you both in and outside of work - for example with regards to decisions, gaining insight and clarity.<br> <br> During the three night retreat, participants will also experience the captivating natural surroundings, to include a lagoon and crater lake.<br> <br> Thora is based in the United Kingdom - her associate David Callahan is based in Italy and together they will be offering learnings and one-to-one coaching during the retreat. <br> <br> They will be offering a retreat in Northern Italy in June of next year. <br> <br> Please do visit the web-site and/or contact Thora directly for further information. 551269C4CC8E28EA80258137003D6CC0 Thu, 08 Jun 2017 11:20:40 +0100 David Gurteen KM: The Scores (October) Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: Thu 12 Oct 2017<br>Organizer: Helene Russell, TheKnowledgeBusiness<br>Location: London, United Kingdom<br><br>Learn how to measure the success of your KM projects, avoid gaming and understand which projects are working for your organisation.<br> From the author of the Law Society's "Knowledge Management Handbook" and contributor to Ark's "Measuring the ROI of KM". E62B2B3489617712802580E300311539 Fri, 17 Mar 2017 08:22:09 +0000 David Gurteen 14th International Conference Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age (CELDA 2017) Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 18 - 20 Oct 2017<br>Organizer: International Association for Development of the Information Society<br>Location: Vilamoura, Portugal<br><br>The CELDA 2017 conference aims to address the main issues concerned with evolving learning processes and supporting pedagogies and applications in the digital age. <br><br> Areas: just-in-time learning, constructivism, student-centered learning, Collaborative learning, Assessment of exploratory technologies, Technology, learning and expertise, Learning Communities & Web Service Technologies, Virtual University, Cognition in education 6EFDE1479BFB31578025814B003EFAA1 Tue, 27 Jun 2017 12:33:42 +0100 David Gurteen 16th International Conference WWW/Internet 2017 Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 18 - 20 Oct 2017<br>Organizer: International Association for Development of the Information Society<br>Location: Vilamoura, Portugal<br><br>The WWW/Internet 2017 Conference aims to address the main issues of concern within WWW/Internet. WWW and Internet had a huge development in recent years. Aspects of concern are no longer just technical anymore but other aspects have arisen. This conference aims to cover both technological as well as non-technological issues related to these developments. <br><br> Areas: Web 2.0, Collaborative Systems, Semantic Web and XML, Ontologies, e-Learning, e-Commerce / e-Business, e-Government, Web-based multimedia technologies, Services, Architectures and Web Development, Wireless Web, Mobile Web, Web Science, Digital Rights Management, Human Computer Interaction and Usability, Web Security and Privacy. B5F4DB2C2ADBCFA38025814B003ECEA5 Mon, 26 Jun 2017 12:26:01 +0100 David Gurteen KM Asia 2017 Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 15 - 16 Nov 2017<br>Organizer: ARK Group<br>Location: Hong Kong, China<br><br><b>Why attend KM Asia 2017?</b> Returning to Hong Kong in November 2017, KM Asia is a knowledge management (KM) conference uniting leaders and practitioners working in change management, collaboration, technology, innovation and research and development to provide you with the very latest best-practice guidance in knowledge management. <br><br> Now in its 17th year, KM Asia helps professionals discover new ways to collaborate, implement change, and share knowledge more effectively for the benefit of organisations across a range of industries. <br><br> Whatever your challenges are regarding people, process or technology, KM Asia 2017 will provide you with new ideas and new ways of working to take back to your organisation. A6F243C98C0086838025816A005A7BEC Thu, 27 Jul 2017 17:31:19 +0100 David Gurteen OEB 2017 Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 06 - 08 Dec 2017<br>Organizer: ICWE GmbH<br>Location: Berlin, Germany<br><br>OEB is the world&#039;s leading conference on technology supported learning and training. Every year, it attracts more than 2,200 educators, learning and development professionals, policy-makers, entrepreneurs and investors from over 100 countries and a wide variety of sectors for a unique programme of briefings and discussions about learning, technology and the future.<br> <br><br><br> With a focus on this year&#039;s theme “Learning Uncertainty” OEB 2017 is about acknowledging uncertainty and preparing for it. It is about how transformative education, training and learning can equip businesses, organisations and individuals with the skills to survive and prosper in our age of acceleration. 77674F39BC8349CC802580D0004AA497 Mon, 27 Feb 2017 11:09:13 +0000 David Gurteen 5th International Conference on Educational Technologies 2017 (ICEduTech 2017) Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 11 - 13 Dec 2017<br>Organizer: International Association for Development of the Information Society<br>Location: Sydney, Australia<br><br>ICEduTech is the scientific conference addressing the real topics as seen by teachers, students, parents and school leaders. Both scientists, professionals and institutional leaders are invited to be informed by experts, sharpen the understanding what education needs and how to achieve it. 6A7687DCFF661A6780258153003AB83F Mon, 10 Jul 2017 09:40:17 +0100 David Gurteen 6th International Conference on Sustainability, Technology and Education 2017 (STE 2017) Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 11 - 13 Dec 2017<br>Organizer: International Association for Development of the Information Society<br>Location: Sydney, Australia<br><br>The International Conference on Sustainability, Technology and Education (STE2017) aims to address the main issues which occur by assessing the relationship between Sustainability, Education and Technology. C17C104607BBFCBD80258153003B15F6 Mon, 10 Jul 2017 09:40:46 +0100 David Gurteen 8th International Conference on Internet Technologies & Society (ITS 2017) Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 11 - 13 Dec 2017<br>Organizer: International Association for Development of the Information Society<br>Location: Sydney, Australia<br><br>The Internet Technologies & Society 2017 Conference (ITS 2017) aims to address the main issues of concern within WWW/Internet as well as to assess the influence of Internet in the Information Society. 403E3F9A983F940B80258153003AF545 Mon, 10 Jul 2017 09:39:05 +0100 David Gurteen Advancing your OD practice Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 23 - 24 Jan 2018<br>Organizer: Henley Forum for Organisational Learning and Knowledge Strategies<br>Location: Henley on Thames, United Kingdom<br><br>This two-day course at the Henley Business School is designed to help you to advance your Organisation Development (OD) practice. We will encourage and support participants to extend their OD range. We will build upon what you bring and advance your practice to help you deal with your most pressing organisational issues. We expect you to leave with new insights, skills and strategies that you can immediately apply to your workplace. 6D5B18CA62D3A5588025817100328556 Tue, 08 Aug 2017 09:29:10 +0100 David Gurteen 6th International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2018 Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 05 - 06 Mar 2018<br>Organizer: ACPI<br>Location: Washington DC, United States<br><br>ICIE 2018 is an opportunity for academics, practitioners and consultants from around the world who are involved in the study, management and development of innovation and entrepreneurship in business, the public sector and in education to come together and exchange ideas.<br> There are several strong strands of research and interest that are developing in the area including Entrepreneurial Education and Learning, Triple Helix Interactions as a tool for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship of Women and Minority Groups and Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Smart Cities, to mention only a few. 32CA15B9F34BA74F802581600049A9E9 Sat, 22 Jul 2017 17:25:39 +0100 David Gurteen Henley Forum Conference 2018 Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 07 - 08 Mar 2018<br>Organizer: Henley Forum for Organisational Learning and Knowledge Strategies<br>Location: Henley on Thames, United Kingdom<br><br>In today&#039;s world, no organisation can afford to stand still. Those that fail to adapt are likely to fail. Some will find themselves swiftly irrelevant. There is an alternative. Organisations that learn how to build dynamic capabilities are better equipped to respond to new challenges in a rapidly changing world. 007E95C54108B1778025817100321F4A Tue, 08 Aug 2017 09:30:04 +0100 David Gurteen 10th European Conference on Intangibles and Intellectual Capital Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 19 - 20 Apr 2018<br>Organizer: ACPI<br>Location: Mechelen, Belgium<br><br>Intellectual capital (IC) is generally defined as the intangible value of a business, and it incorporates its people (Human Capital), the value inherent in its relationships (Relational capital), and the knowledge and systems that form the foundation of the business (Structural capital). There has been, and continues to be, much discussion over how intellectual capital differs from intangibles, intangible assets or intellectual property. 640BF6CDF19379DF8025817C004EF09B Tue, 22 Aug 2017 16:53:51 +0100 David Gurteen 13th International Conference on e- Learning Link: <a href="">Gurteen Knowledge</a><br>Date: 05 - 06 Jul 2018<br>Organizer: ACPI<br>Location: Cape Town, South Africa<br><br>E-Learning is an ever evolving field in which there is a strong relationship between research and implementation. The International Conference on e-Learning (ICEL) brings together academic research and practical applications of e-Learning from a wide range of areas.<br> As a result of the South African #feesmustfall student protests that have affected many universities in the country, blended learning has become a key issue. Institutions are grappling to understand how to best redesign courses as blended to ensure that students can access education in times of trouble and still succeed in their studies. Learning analytics is another key issue, especially with regards the use of data to design interventions to provide an environment for the implementation of learning analytics and blended learning. So at ICEL in 2018 we look forward to submissions on a wide range of issues pertaining to e-Learning, but we are especially keen to see research into blended learning and learning analytics. B5C08A74E5FA52228025818400330BEA Tue, 22 Aug 2017 16:52:18 +0100 David Gurteen